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Ankle OCLs (Ostechondral Lesions): Fu** Surgery! High-Frequency PRP, Lumbar Prolo, ICES-PEMF


Using this to journal, get questions answered, help others find answers, and incite discussin. Ultimately, Western Mainstream medicine offers nothing for someone in my situation except surgery. Spent tha past nine month looking for alternatives. I’m sharing them here.

Straight into it:

To heal a three-year old “totalled” ankle, as one sports-medicine orthopedist described it (intermediate tibiotalar ostechondral lesions, bone fissuring, advanced cystic change…etc.), I decided to construct my treatment strategy around what I called high-frequency PRP, i.e. an injection every 3 weeks for 6+ months until either A) MRI shows no change even after 18 months of consistent treatment, or B) missing dorsiflexion recovers and chondrogenesis shows on MRI. The plan is that repetitve PRPs would introduce extreme biological stimulation that articular cartilage would have no choice but to regenerate. Here’s where I got the idea
Eventhough my experience with Regenexx has been comprehensively offputting, I still have to give Dr. Centeno credit. And IMHO, at this stage, with proper research, one doesn’t need to pay the prices of Regenexx to achieve similar results, or even better.

Few things to optimize the process:

A) Neurologically: I’m getting prolotherapy on the lumbar spine and the gluteal region (from which nerves supply the lower extremities including the injured ankle). The concept was adopted from neural prolotherapy, but the administrating Doctor and I decided to ditch the anesthetic and use the highest concentration of dextrose he was willing to use.

B) Electrically: minimizing dirty EMF exposure (based on M.L. Pall’s demonstration of EMFs’ impact on cells’ voltage-gated calcium channels), and hacking the exposure chemically (see below). Also, using an ICES unit on medium intensity for as long as possible everyday on site of injury.

C) Mechanically: this is the tough part since I’m extremely analytical, and since, for example, I couldnt find much on whethere to go with fully custom orthotics to retain ‘proper’ allignment, or barefoot to maintain motor skills, or combine both, and if both, then when to barefoot and when to shod? Barefoot when deading and squatting? Foot of injured ankle has alwayes been flexibly flat (flat when standing, but the arch returns when nonweight bearing, or if i flex my arch muscles). Also, what should be the deadlift, squat routine with lumbar prolo? Completely lay off the lifts? Allow 2 weeks after prolo injectins? What about daily joint distraction for the ankle? Or would it be better to compress it (i.e. lots of standing and walking and lifting)?..etc.

D) Chemically: cleaned up diet. Intermittent fasting. 3-5 days waterfasts every few months to increase stem-cell proliferation (brutal since body fat already in low single digits). Organic Blueberries daily. Supplementing with minerals (Mg, Zn, B, Se, I), Megadosing on Ascorbic Acid and buffered Ascorbate, Niacin, and starting MSM next week. Already getting good sulfur/thiol thru garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Getting plenty of sun. Switched to pink Himalayan salt and taking lots of it to help celleluar hydration. Supplementing with Terrahydrite, which could be scam for all I know, but willing to give it a shot and monitor gut microbiome in the interim.

More to come