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Ankle Mobility, Foot Tripod Problem


i’m having trouble developing my quad sweep due to various misalignments in my body.First of all my right femur is more externally rotated than my left and at the same time the inside of my right foot keeps lifting up when i try to flex my knees, go into the bottom of the squat.That way i can’t maintian tension on my quads especially my vastus lateralis.I guess my foot try to compensate for my bad ankle mobility.I’m already working on my mobility with the help of starrets leopard book.I helped a bit but my foot still lifts up/slides on the outside of my foot so i bascially the ball of my big toe is in the air.Any ideas how to fix it?Is there any way to learn proper tripod placement?Or wich muscles are pulling the inside of my foot up(the have to to be tight as hell)?