Ankle Mobility Drills

Does anyone know any more ankle mobility drills? I already do the one where you keep your heels planted and try to drive your knee out past your toe and the one where you do hip swings and try to rotate through the ankle.

Anyone know any more?

Try elevating the front of both your feet while standing (from middle to toes) on a 2x4 or some weight plates, and then doing the same thing as the regular drill (driving your knee forward, heels kept on the ground). There is also another drill which is the same as you mentioned, but instead of driving it forward, you drive it forward and out to the side. So let’s say if you are using your right ankle, instead of trying to stick your knee forward as far as possible, you drive it forward but also to the right and try to get it around some object (i.e. corner of a wall, power rack, etc). Hope you understood this.