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Ankle Laxity

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve been noticing some problems with my ankles (and generally lower legs all together).

After doing some high intensity intervals on a treadmill I’ve been noticing that I’m getting the same shin splint feeling of pain in my ankles and its radiating up my soleus muscles and into my feet.

My feet pronate a lot. Earlier today I approached the head athletic trainer at my school and asked him if theres any tests that he uses to determine ankle laxity. He said while standing on your leg, try bending your ankle and touching your fibula to the ground (lateral aspect). And right there I took off my shoe, and said “like this?” as I easily and painlessly pronated my foot until my fibula touched the ground. He said to wait about a week to see if the pain goes away and then maybe get some ankle braces.

The thing is, I don’t want ankle braces, I don’t like the idea of something external doing work that some of my muscles should be doing (this is why I don’t like weightlifting belts, or grip straps). So I’m wondering if theres anything I can do to increase the stability in my ankle? Or basically decrease the flexibility?

It doesn’t sound like a muscle issue. More of a ligament thing going on. To my knowledge, ligaments don’t tighten on their own. You only have four main large muscles that cross the ankle: gastrocnemius, soleus, tib. anterior, tib. posterior. The rest are quite small and not too strong. (Flexor and extensor group) Orthodics may help. Have your AT do a drawer test to test joint laxity. The inversion test the way you did it is a bit of a scary one. (that’s how ankles get torn and broke my friend) If the AT gives you a blank look, run, don’t walk away and head straight to a physio or sportmed doc who knows more.