Ankle Injury

My roommate has weak ankles and wrists. He currently has a wrist injury, but it isn’t as serious as his ankle.

He plays basketball almost everyday, and even though he knows its best for his ankle to take a wrist, he won’t do it. Doesn’t want to do legs with me at the gym either, but thats a different story for a different day.

He cannot rotate at the ankle without it hurting, but he can dorsiflex (don’t know if thats the right word, but i’m talking about raising his toes up towards his knees).

He wears ankle braces while he plays, and it mostly hurts right around the ankle bone.

What’s your opinion on what he should do besides rest, cause that’s pretty obvious. He’s been talking about getting to a doctor, but doesn’t know how soon he can make that happen being at school and all.

any specific stretches or exercises he can do so that he can get some relief?

He should do this simple exercise.

  1. Walk out his door.
  2. Walk to his car.
  3. Get in his car.
  4. Drive to doctor.

There’s no magic involved. Your friend needs to have it looked at and get some good advice.

Controlled use and range of motion work may be appropriate, but I’d start calling your friend clubber, because that’s how he’ll end up walking if he isn’t lucky.