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Ankle/Calf Pain


I recently started training for figure competitions and I've been having to get used to the five-inch death traps they call figure heels for the last few weeks. Around the same time I added in HIITS to my workout. I was doing maybe ten minutes of sprints on an incline every day to every other day; I'm not in the greatest of cardio shape but it wasn't like I never did any running. The combo of wearing those heels and doing sprints started DESTROYING my ankles and calves, and not in a good way. Just walking anywhere felt like death.

I took about a week off from cardio and I haven't worn my heels in about two weeks. Two days ago I tried to do some light "sprints" (it wasn't much of a sprint, I did 7 mph on the treadmill) for maybe fifteen minutes without the incline and it felt a bit better, but still hurt like hell when I ran. The next day if I even broke into a light jog for a step or two when I was crossing the street or something, it was almost crippling. I literally was limping to my car.

I've been icing and rubbing my legs down with Icy Hot and even though there's little pain when I walk, I still can't even jog for a step or two without having massive pain. I've never had this problem when I was only lifting. I figured I'd switch to the elliptical for my cardio, but does anyone know what might be making the pain so bad or what I can do to fix it?


Knee to wall ankle mobility drill, foam roll calves with PVC pipe, and use baseball and golf ball on plantar fascia. Maybe even throw in some eccentric heal lifts. Before and after any activity.

Bird. Word.



Awesome advice, they're already feeling a ton better. Thank you!


I do what I can.

I forgot to mention that its probably better to foam roll before you do any mobility work.

Bonus tip: google Strassburg sock.