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Ankle Braces/Wraps

I am curious, I am recovering from a sprained ankle and going to back to work monday on it. Doing construction work so walking on it over uneven ground all day.

I am curious as too how concered I should be about spraining it again and weather just a tensor bandage wrap is enough or do I need a solid plastic brace on it?

Wear some good sturdy work boots or just get a lace up ankle brace that bball players wear. Good luck & make sure after stressing it from work or whatever that you ice it. Take care!

I do have the good high work boots that provide some support. But it looks like it will be a little over a week till I’m back to work doctors are telling me to take another week off and sending me for physio. Anyone have any tips for building my ankle strength back up without really hapering my revcovery.