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Anke Mobility?


A few months ago i sprained my ankle playing basketball really badly and me being such a hard headed guy i tried to play basketball too soon again and messed it up even more(some fat kid triped and fell on it lol) Well once it healed it seems like a lot of scare tissue built up there and now my range of motion on that ankle has gotten smaller .Any thing i can do to get it back to normal?


Apply heat

And massage it

I like pressing baseballs into mine and rolling it around my ankles...a lot like foam rolling but with a baseball to pin point the ankle.

calf stretches also...


If its really stiff, you could find a doc to numb it up and crank on it to break up the adhesions. If its not that bad then just working against a rehab band in all directions, and some stretching should do.


Search this site he has some other articles as well for ankle mobility


also you can do these with jump stretch bands


I do them every work out as part of my warm up...


Ouch! Hurts just thinking about it. I find there's a spot just below my knee at the side which REALLY hurts when I get a baseball into it, but after 30 seconds or so I get much more ankle mobility. Has to be a baseball though, foam roller doesn't seem to hit it.

Another thing to try is to use a baseball on the soles of your feet. If I do that for a minute or two I get increased flexibility in my ankles and hips.


Tape it, play basketball and don't let a fat guy roll on it. It'll never regain mobility just doing stuff on the side. The frequency, force, and angles cutting required of the ankle in basketball can only be trained while playing ALOT OF intense drills. So you might as well just tape it up and play.

you can do some of the basic versions of exercises in "Don't Ice that ankle" youtube videos. Those will strengthen it. Don't overdo it or else it won't be strong enough for basketball. If your going to be playing that day or the next you shouldn't be trying to make the ankle tired.