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I was wondering how Chrysin compared with other products such as Clomid or Nolvadex in its ability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

i have heard from many sources that chrysin is another product that just doesn’t work at all. supposively, it works in a petri dish on some cells. some supplement companies caught wind of this a decided to make some money off it before it was tested on animals. come to find out, when tested, all subjects tested ( both the control goup and the chrysin group)had the same estrogen levels, except that the chrysin group gained fat. bottem line, it doesn’t do what it claims so don’t buy it.

Get Di-Indolin from Substrate Solutions. It’s supposedly better than Chrysin.

Chrysin has very poor bioavailability(bad absorption properties). As for the di-indole, you have to remember that all of these ‘cutting edge’ supps haven’t been tested for toxicity in human. Most companies just go by…if it doesn’t kill ya it’s ok to be released to the marketplace to reap in some $$$.

Also, Clomid and Nolvadex do not prevent conversion of test into estrogen. They are Estrogen blockers, they hook up with the estrogen receptors so that estrogen can’t. Arimidex is an anti-aromatase, but it is very expensive and very potent.