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Anit-E PCT Question


I'm planning a cuycle consisting of eq frontloaded at 800 mg first week 400mg a week after, tren 100mg shots every other day, and 50 mg of winni a day. I know the tren and winni do not aromatize but ive heard mixed results about the eq. Originally i was going to choose clomid pct and start it a week after my last eq injection at 100mg first few days and drop it down to 50mg for the next few weeks. However if the eq is capable of aromatization i would rather use nolvadex 20mg throughout my cycle and bump it too 40mg pct. any advice would be great.


Eq does aromatize, but not to any appreciable degree.

The absolute soonest you should start your pct would be 3 weeks after your last shot of eq-d/t it's long half-life.

Keep some nolvadex on hand in case gyno symptoms arise, and save the clomid for post cycle.



Great thanks again for the info


I'm interested in some additional information. If you are running a completely non-aromatizing cycle would running clomid throughout have any effect? Should it be saved solely for recovery of natural test post cycle?


There is some who say that clomid can help reduce hypotrophy of the testicles, simmilar to hcg. I haven't tested this theory myself so I can't validate it. Using clomid however while on cycle will reduce the potential of your gains somewhat, and of course there are side effects to long-term clomid use. This is entirely up to you.
You will not need it for an anti-estrogen ancillary while on cycle, that is for sure.

As for your equipoise cycle, I would recomend you throw masteron into it, to replace the absence of test. Not only will it give you more satisfaction with the cycle, it will also continue to give your g/f or wife more satisfaction as well :slight_smile:


I assumed that clomid would have an overal effect on the cycle. Thanks for the info

As for masteron i've heard very little and found few search results on it. What kind of mg per week are usually run what's injectable masterons half life like? 5-7 days? will it cause acne like test seems to?


From my knowledge:

Masteron should be shot atleast every 2 to 3 days.

Users rarely notice side effects with this drug. (I beleive this is one the major reasons it is an expensive steroid). But Acne is a possibility.