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Aniractem + DMAE Dosage


Hi, i feel like an ass devoting a thread to 1 specific question, but...
i've sifted through brain booster threads and still don't have the answer..

How much DMAE should be taken with Aniracetam?

I currently take 750mg aniracetam in the morning with 400mg dmae.

I don't want to deplete acetylcholine reserves.


You're an ass for devoting a thread to a single question.

600mg of ani is sufficient (it's roughly 1/4 tsp leveled off) three times a day.

I take 1/4 tsp of DMAE with it, too, and I don't have any issues. Others have reported issues by taking too much but I haven't ever had a problem with those doses (symptoms of too much or too little, I mean).

I think back when I was taking capsules I was taking 700mg (roughly the same as 1/4 tsp). There's a different between powder quantity and amount of actual DMAE consumed, by the way. I'm referring to the amount of powder in every instance, I'm far too lazy to figure out the actual DMAE content.

You ought to be taking Vinpocetine as well.


600mg Aniracetam 3 times a day.
700mg DMAE (powder quantity not actual DMAE content) 3 times a day.
10mg Vinpo 3X Every day.


I was wondering, Can you have 5-6 large eggs every day instead of the DMAE?


whats the difference of the powder and dmae content.

The website i found says there bulk dmae is 766mg per 1/4 tsp. Wouldn't that be equivalent to a capsule that says 766mg dmae.

The powder is pure dmae and its 766 mg of weight. And the capsule claims 766mg of weight in dmae, despite the capsule weight. right?..


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I mean you'll see a label that says some shit like 350mg DMAE (130mg essential DMAE).

Disregard that, take 1/4 tsp of your bulk powder 3 times a day with your ani and you'll be fine.