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Aniracetam + ?

Hey guys i got my 750mg aniracetam caps. I understand that taking aniracetam can lower acetylcholine or is it choline? Either way most people take a choline supplement with aniracetam. How much do you guys reccomend i take with 750mg of aniracetam?

Also is it possible to get the extra acetylcholine from acetyl carnitine alone, without any alpha gpc or dmae in the mix? This would make things much easier for me as i have a shit load of alcar.

Try it on yourself to find the best dose for you. 2x300mg a day should “do”, but try if more feels better. I’m gonna write a post in the Bran Function Boosters thread about what happened to me when I took too much aniracetam and too little DMAE. Will probably end up there: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/brain_function_boosters_30?id=3538227&pageNo=17

Re: Eggs.

Don’t have a source on me at the moment, so consider this a ‘lead’, but I do not think that eggs would be a good source of choline in regards to neurology; just hepatic function and methyl-donation.

From what I have read, choline gets partitioned to the brain to a much greater extent once it passes a certain serum concentration threshold; if you eat eggs I would be concerned that the intestinal uptake would be too slow, and the choline would be used as substrate in other reactions prior to it passing this concentration gradient. It would still hit the brain, but not in a pharmaceutically high manner like supplementation would be (in which the rate equation is much nicer, in terms of amount * speed).

I’ll get looking for the source now, will edit if I find it.

Thanks man, interesting.

That took way too long; my Google-fu needs work:

The best I could find was the link attached; not the source I remember but I believe this may serve as a lead for you in the future.

From what I read into this, choline is taken up across the BBB at a certain rate, but seems to have a higher affinity for crossing the barrier at doses “5-10x found in vivo”.

No clue if rat’s BBB differ from humans; if it does, consider my points moot.