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Animals Have Rights!


...to be delicious.


Any of you guys still BBQing even with the snow outside?




Posting in support of eating meat.


The EXACT same thing popped into my head when I read the title of the thread.


I love eating meat, but I also respect other people's attempt at leading a more compassionate life however they feel they should. This is basically like saying "Hey you know that thing you love? I enjoy slaughtering and eating it. Haha! You suck. Fuck you!"

It's inconsiderate, immature, uncool, and right on par with the super-religious non-meaters that annoy the crap out of you.



Posting in support of women eating meat.


I don't have any problem with vegetarians, so long as they don't try to convert, which has never happened to me, and so long as they don't believe the wrong things about vegetarianism's health benefits.


so as long as they understand they aren't saving any animals,or bothering you about it, and they
know what its doing to them then its ok right?


I don't know what you just said... but fuck vegetarians.. can't stand them... Mostly because they build support groups or try and tell you eating animals etc.. is wrong. They think they're better then you etc.. I make sure to show them any pictures of lambs i've butchered on my phone when they start bugging me.


Are you kidding? I love vegetarians.

I eat alot of them when I need more roughage in my diet.


My sister is a vegetarian. I can't go home for a holiday without she telling me that I will die because "eating meat is eating death". I hate the preachy vegans who wanna convert you and shit like that.

Otherwise I think more people should become vegans. Because that means more meat for me, and cheaper meat too!


Vegetarians rock. If they ate meat, the prices would go up and I wouldn't be able to eat as much.

I'm quite fond of people who don't go gyms or fat guys for similar reasons.


The grill on our deck is pulled up to our back door... and right now there's a bit of snow on it... until later tonight.

I will continue to recommend EVERYONE read "The Vegetarian Myth". Even if you're already a healthy carnivore, you still need to have plenty of ammo when encountering wild vegans and vegetarians.

If knowledge is the best weapon, then it's Vegan Season all fucking year.


ID its like going into PWI. Why argue with people over stupid shit like our diet. I have never seen the point, its takes two people with an opinion to argue. So with Vegans I just say okay you win goodbye. And go eat a steak.


Double post so I will answer OP

Man I live in Texas we grill 365, I have 300 lbs of grass fed beef in my freezer (parents own a ranch) and I grill steaks every Sunday for my work week.


Most vegans I know are fat chicks. And they still drink booze.


I might be the only one in Damn Yankeeland still grilling, but I do. Moving my barrel smoker to my garage so I can keep the snow off it (over five feet so far) and have it ready to go when needed.

I love meat and think that we should celebrate our place in the food chain. Which means that we should acknowledge that we are part of the food chain. Wild animals that eat humans should be given the same deference as people who eat animals.



Does an electric grill for indoors count?