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Animal Test???

Is the test real good?
Can i stack it with other shit?

Quote from my response to his other thread re: same subject:

[quote]I assume you are talking about the Universal Nutrition product. I happen to have their promotional training book on hand, so here is the proprietary “1-Test complex”

325mg per pack


RIT Jared

I don’t mean to burst your bubble but probably the reason no one is responding to you is because you sound like you haven’t done an iota of research on your own and exhibit virtually no knowledge of pro-hormones. For christ sakes, I looked up the formula for you. There are plenty of places you can do research on your own, and then come back here when you have a more specific question.

What “other shit” were you going to stack it with, for instance. Believe it or not we’re not making a batch of fucking brownies here, and it does make a difference.

RIT Jared