animal test pak? good or bad?

ok ive been out of the sport for a while and am starting to lift again. i want to take something that will speed up my size. ive tried mag-10 and liked it but dont wanna spend the money for it. has anyone tried the animal test pak, if so did you take creatine during your cycle?

Try dessicated liver tabs…I hear they work really well.

try the animal stak. It has all the essentials to raise your test levels and lower estrogen while giving you energy throughout the day.

Um, that stuff sucked back in the 80’s. It still sucks today.

And it’s not a steroid, so you’re in the wrong section of the forum.

Yeah, try animal stak. While you’re at it, stab yourself in the face with a spork.


Go and try to find some old Cybergenitic kits…they were the bomb.

just help him out for god sakes-- he’s asking an honest question, and if he posted in the steroid forum maybe he wants to go that route.

You don’t want to spend money on a great product but you do want to go waste money on a shitty product, nice thinking.

Come on guys…give him a break.

hey man i love animal test pak and also Universal lava. only thing i dont like about Animal Test Paks are the taste and they are hard to swallow