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Animal Stak 2 - What Was Your Diet?


If you guys have used or using Animal STAK please tell me what was your diet routine and Goal for what you planned to use it. Would appreciate if you could mention your age, height and weight.


Do you really think people are going to go into full detail about their diets/routines/goals over the use of some product? A supplement doesn't dictate any of the above.


I would just appreciate if anyone (other than you-LiquidM) could mention if your protein intakes higher than normal or are you cutting out on carbs ? one or 2 lines would make me understand enough of it....appreciate it. Trying this out for the first time.. to do I take any precautions ?


Again, a supplement isn't going to dictate whether or not your protein intake is higher, lower or whether or not you're cutting carbs. Your goals dictate this. If you're goal is to put on some more size, then chances are higher protein/carb levels would be beneficial. If you're trying to cut down, then dropping the carbs a bit is going to be beneficial.

Again, don't base your nutrition on a supplement, base it on what you are actually trying to do. Once you realize this, you'll be much farther ahead of the game.

For instance let's say I am trying to put on size and I decide I need 9000 grams protein and 9000 grams carbs (obviously I'm just putting out random numbers).

Now me taking AnimalStak doesn't mean I now need 10,000 grams protein/carbs. AnimalStak may help you reach your goals quicker or more efficiently, but it's not going to change your approach to training and nutrition.

Got it?


I disagree, anyone taking ANIMAL STAK 2 should take in at least 10,000 calories a day and train 9 days a week to get maximum benefit.


It's over 9000!!!


Im guessing the reason you are asking this is because you read reviews about the original Animal Stak..? Which was a prohormone. In that case you couldve benefited from added calories/proteins and stuff.

Animal Stak 2, to my knowledge, is a test booster.. so just keep doing what you were doing, if what you were doing was already adjusted toward the results you want.


It's basically a fuckin' multivitamin isn't it?

Some people.


Test booster

You're confusing with Animal Pak