Animal Stack

Hey everyone, I’d like to get more informations about animal stack and cuts …
And what about “anabolic”, what does it means ?
For how long does animal stack stays in your blood … thx for answering.

Animal Stak is great to increase estrogen. What universal did was make a product with some weak andros(4-dione, 5-diol, Dhea) and then add an ECA stack to it to give you lots of energy before you workout. People think that it’s the andro that gets them pumped up but it’s just the ephedrine. Try Biotest’s 4-AD or Mag-10 if your going to take a prohormone. I don’t like any andro in pill form.

I have used the animal cuts…not a bad product…however, not knowing you and assuming you might be a newbie, I HIGHLY suggest you make sure before using that product that you develop a detailed diet log, and cut your calories using a diet program. Assess your weight loss based on this first, and then, depending, go for the ephedra-based Animal cuts. Animals cuts also contains a number of other ingredients, including dandelion as a diuretic, which, if you are enganging in football drills at “minicamps” i suggest you avoid. Since I do amateur bb stuff, i figured I would go with that. I have looked into the stak and m stak, but as of yet, have not gone with them. Lot of marketing hype there, and the dosages of each ingredient are probably not at the “effacacious” level.

(From the Truth in Advertising Department)

Animal Stack has been ordered by the FDA to change its name to something more indicative of what's really in there, hence the new name, Animal Crap. Animal Cuts will likewise be henceforth known as Animal Nuts. Get some MAG-10 and MD6 instead.

And "anabolic" simply means conducive to the metabolism and synthesizing of simple substances into the complex materials of living tissue (aren't you glad you asked?). :)

My advice to you is to read every back issue of T-Mag before you buy and use any supplements. You have a lot of learning to do. Good luck.