Animal Protein Decrease Insulin Sensitivity?

My wife found this on a fitness site and it doesn’t make sense to me, any thoughts?

The type of protein may also play a role. There is some research that supports the notion that diets high in animal protein may decrease insulin-sensitivity, causing an increase in insulin secretion. Insulin-sensitivity and high levels of circulating insulin are associated with decreases in fat oxidation and the promotion of fat storage, leading to the development of obesity.

Although dietary protein by itself does not increase insulin release, it can enhance the insulin response to a meal containing both carbohydrate and protein. Plant-based diets that are high in legume proteins are also higher in fiber, slowing digestion and absorption, and decreasing the insulin response. Soy has the additional benefit of enhancing fat oxidation compared to animal proteins through its greater stimulation of the release of glucagons, a hormone that enhances fat oxidation

Vegan religious BS. Animal proteins are good for you and you shouldn’t go near soy. You can easily do some research on this yourself.

it might decrease insulin sensitivity as protein CAN raise insulin levels and i guess anything that raised insulin levels COULD over time decrease the bodys sensitivity to it.

However the response from proteins, just like the response from carbs can be blunted by having fat and/or fiber with the meal.

Long story short is that animal protein will spike insulin much less then most carbs and probably doesnt spike it enough to cause any issues.

As long as you body isnt overloaded by the pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats which are high in most conventionally raised meat (take an omega-3 supplement) you should be fine

Also insulin sensitivity is largely determined by exercise as well as how much lean-mass someone has. If you want to gain lean mass, then eating animal protein is a pretty wise choice.

Thanks that was my take on it - We belive in eating meat and squats - we do have some history of diabetes in the family

maybe this will help a bit as well