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Animal Paks - A Warning

Well, reading closer the can I’ve been using from for the past 20-30 days, and, I have come to notice that there is quite the list of “other ingredients”, besides all of the things proclaimed in the Supplement Facts as being offered in the pills.

Most times, other ingrediants contain a few ingrediants that make up the capsules to hold it together. However, in this case there are 14 “other ingrediants” including a number of herbs which I can’t imagine having any legitimate place in there. Without doing a terrible amount of research into some of these, the one that sticks out to me is Dong Quai, a known estrogenic herb.

Its not clear how much Dong Quai is in there, though, I would not be suprised if this did not somehow contribute to my somewhat lower T levels this month(not that overtraining and a stressful job didn’t play their part). I’ve taken Dong Quai before and it has at best had no effect, and at times I’ve felt mildly suppressed.

This is just a word of caution to those considering Animal Pak (or Universal products in general), that, their labels require much closer reading then other companies, and this kind of practice does not speak terribly well of their company’s policies in my eyes.

Bad Moon…

Interesting…since you stated your findings I went to my bottle of multi’s to take a look at what’s stated inside.

I’ve been using Dualtabs for quite sometime. After reading the “bottom” line, it seems as though all is well without a bunch of fillers.

It would be interesting to read what others are finding.