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animal pak...

anybody have any experience w/ animal pak? i’ve been taking it for a couple weeks and i haven’t noticed any gains from it but thats not expected simply because its just a multivitamin thats supposed to be used as a base for other supps.

Animal Pak is a good mulit, but if you are looking to use it for gains, you are headed in the wrong direction. I suggest using it with Animal Stak and M-Stak…this is a pretty good intro andro stack. Cycle it a three weeks on 1 week off.

I’ve heard some good things about it, but don’t expect to gain 10 lbs. in a month or anything. Just a good multi-nutrient formula.

If I remember correctly, Animal Pak uses a lot of tablets. The digestive system doesn’t process them well. Look for something in a capsule. Life Extension makes the very very best; their stuff is available only through their website. Solaray is good, available in stores, and less expensive.