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Animal Pak Vitamins


Does anyone know anything about the supplement called animal pak. Somebody in the gym told me it was great, but its seems kinda expensive. Must be a gimmick like all these dammed supplements out there...


It is. Don't take it.


I currently take it. Its just packs of multi-vitamins. ITs not going to give you huge muscles or anything like that. But if you want a good multi-vitamin I suppose its fine. I don't think its that expensive. Just buy it online. I think I paid like $18 for 44 packs. Thats not too bad


I take 'em.
I like 'em.
I pay about $19 for 44paks of 'em.


These are hands-down the best multi vitamin pack I've ever taken. I've been taking it straight for a year ever since I discovered it. You don't need to supplement with extra Vit C, calcium, EFA's, enzymes, or amino acids... it's all included at the optimal levels. No other multi that I know of has all of that. It's expensive, but I'm a huge proponent of supplements that deliver what they promise, and I don't waste my money on hyped-up stuff. This is one of the very few supplements I recommend for all lifters.


I take em.

They are the size of bullets, so swallow carefully or they WILL hurt your throat

Great nutritionally, though I paid nearly $40, so I dont know how everyone else is getting them so cheap.


Back when I was in junior high, I tried them straight for 2 months. At the end of that time period, I could not use a nail cutter to cut my nails because the tissue was so dense and strong. (I interpreted that as a good thing.) Looking back, I prolly woulda stayed on them if I didn't spend my money on Nintendo games instead.


You can get it very cheap from certain online supplement stores - $28 is what I've heard.


I think they are a good, solid multi-vitamin pack. I don't know about not taking any extra EFAs-- I'd still recommend a good dose of fish and flax oil in addition.


We are getting them from online sources, not directly from Universal. And we are able to get them for less than $28 as well.