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Animal Pak, Too Much B6?

What are your thoughts? I would like to eliminate taking 5x different vitamins in addition to my multi and just buy it all in one. I would likely stick to one “pak” a day. Anyone else take these?

My concerns are obviously the price but even more so is the excess amount of some vitamins (B6 specifically as it has been shown to be borderline toxic at such high doses, right?)

First question is why take so many vitamins? What are you taking now?

I guess I don’t take a crazy amount.

Raw one multivitamin for men
Vit d+k
Fish oil
L-Carnitine tartrate

Magnesium citrate at night

Sometimes pycnogenol and sometimes curcumin

IMO it’s better to take them separate. Then you know you’re not getting all those potentially harmful extras like excessive Bs.

stop taking everything and tell me if you really see a difference…that’s what i did and i see zero difference but 200$ more in my pocket

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