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Animal or Plant Lecithin?

I am a vegetarian for religious reasons(not a vegan),so I get most of my protein from dairy and legumes. I want to order some Biotest products, but I see most of them have lecithin as an ingredient, presumably as a binder. I would like to know if it is animal lecithin or plant(soy) lecithin.

I’m quite sure the only lecithin contained in any of their products is soy lecithin. This was discussed in at least one thread in which TC had to chime in and remind everyone that soy lecithin (which is what the products contain) does not contain any soy isoflavones, which we here at T-Nation know to be bad because they’re estrogenic. So it’s soy lecithin, yes, but for those worried about soy isoflavones, rest assured, it’s harmless (doesn’t contain those).