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Animal M-Stak?


I was thinkin about adding Animal M-Stak to my diet and i jus wanna see what you guys think! I am a VERY hard gainer! And before you ask i bust my ass in the gym EVERYDAY!

So im not expecting it to jack me up like steroids or anything! and if any of you have taken any of the Animal stuff i would love some feed back! i have read reviews but i dont really trust em to much cause any1 can write crap about it!


That's good, but are you busting your ass in the kitchen throughout the day?

I doubt this supplement will do much for you, if it even does anything in the first place, if you're not putting the same effort into your diet as you are with your training.


I used it about 4 years ago. It's a waste.

Just buy food. You aren't a 'hardgainer', you just aren't eating enough.

You're like 17 right?


how are you a hard gainer?

usually hard gainers (if you want to use that term), are string beans, you don't look like a string bean to me


You probably need to bust your ass at the dinner table more. What's a typical day like eating training wise.This will help people far more knowledgable than me help you out.

In the other thread you made you were worried about fat...wwouldn't hard gainer/ fatty cancel eachother out? Not trying to be an asshole but you can see the logic right?


Hard gainers don't exist. That being said, try it. I wouldn't expect much though, especially since you label yourself as a hard gainer which means you don't eat a lot, which in turn means minimal gains.


I wasn't sure how to respond to the post at first, but echoing what HK said just eat more than you require and you'll gain weight.


M-stak is useless. I tried it (while my diet was in check). Didn't do half of what I expected. Save money for food.


Eat more. The stack would help bt it is not going to make or break you and will definately not have the effects of steroids. And stop putting exclamation points at the end of every sentence.


yeah man i eat as good as i can considering my schedule with school, cause i mean i cant just bust out a meal in class or anything! but my diet is pretty good.


yeah i am 17 and if this is any consolation i take in about 3000 calories a day. not empty calories but eggs, chicken, beef, fish, veggies, and nuts, stuff like that.


Just curious as to how many of these "secret pill/workout/steroid" type posts you're gonna make.


haha yeah man i can see what your talking about! but a typical day of eating for me is
Breakfast: 3 eggs with cheese in a tortilla with salsa, a glass of orange juice and water
Snack: mix of almonds, walnuts, and raisins
Lunch: 4 strips of chicken (like tender strips) and a salad

Snack: 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter and honey
Dinner: Chicken breast, broccoli, and a salad
Right before bed: 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter and honey
and thats pretty much my diet.

as far as training goes i don't have a set thing i do every day because it all depends on what most people aren't doing at the gym so i can do what i want to without waiting but say i do chest

Monday i would start off with incline barbell press 4 sets of 8 - 10, bench barbell press 4 sets of 8 - 10, incline dumbbell press 4 sets of 8 - 10, incline dumbbell flyes 4 sets of 8 - 10, and pec-deck wide grip flyes 4 sets of 8 - 10,

then abs i superset and do 4 sets of 30 on whatever exercises i do and then maybe throw some calves in cause my calves are junk! but i rest about 45 - 60 seconds in between each set. i hope that helps you guys out to help me!


well im just trying to get some answers and this place seems to have a lot of people that know what there talkin about. but i am jus lookin for answers man thats all.


Search and read, read and search.

Top right'ish corner...


The high school where I teach doesn't allow food in class either, which is a shame. Imagine if someone like you could eat every 3 hours! The rule is mostly because bottomfeeders would gorge on chips and Ho-hos if we let them.

Can you eat something between class? Maybe carry a thermos of chocolate milk and gulp some?

BTW, I usually let my students eat something if they keep it hidden and its not some junk food shit. Ask a teacher who teaches you at about 9:30 AM if it'd be cool if you could sneak something healthy while sitting in a back corner. I'd be fine with something like that.

Kudos for being healthy and health conscious!


Lean protein with every meal, son. Where's it at?


you call that a hard gainer? try needing 4500 cals to grow, that sucks


I like the Animal products, they are usually decent. However this one is a total waste of money.

Go with Alpha Male, it will do more for you.



He is 17. Alpha Male has a minimum age requirement printed on the bottle.