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Animal M-Stak, DHEA, and HGH

  I was wondering if it was alright if i took animal m-stak, dhea, and hgh all at once. Some people told me that oral hgh was crap is that true?


Oral HGH is junk. Your body digests it like food. As for animal stak or whatever, it sounds like junk. Don't know about the dhea, but don't they give that to kids for brain development?


I've tried animal stak-2 and i noticed my strength increased a bit.Dont know about m stak and i think you'd be throwing your money away with that other stuff.Invest it in some quality protein and some bcaa.


why bother posting here if you're not going to believe what people tell you? The same people are going to read this thread as they did your last one.
Everyone says the stuff is crap. Asking the same question 13 times isn't going to change that.


ok so the hgh pill is crap what do you think about the nasal spray?


Just like in your last post, when you asked the exact same question.

Why are you asking about OTC supps and HGH? To be perfectly honest, I highly doubt you have GH at all, probably some "booster" you bought at GNC along with your Animal product and DHEA. Oral GH is pure rubbish. What you need to do instead of re-posting the same question a thousand times is do some research. Have some initiative and do some research and you might discover the idiocy of what you're asking...