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Animal Lovers


I know there's been threads like this before but I haven't seen any that aren't locked due to being so old.

How many of us T-Nationers are huge animal lovers? I can say that I am. I've had a ton of pets over the years, and currently have a dog, three cats and a cockatiel. Over the years I've had numerous cats and dogs, snakes, mice (not for the snakes to eat), rats, ferrets (best. pet. ever!), hamsters, guinea pigs, a tarantula, birds galore, and even a flying squirrel. I even had a crow for a few weeks, but that wasn't really a pet thing. It had a broken wing and one of my cats tried to eat it even though it was twice his size. He ended up at a wildlife preserve and to my knowledge is still alive.

I'm on an animal kick tonight because I saw a story earlier about a German Shepherd that had it's muzzle blown apart by some asshole, shithead kids that decided it would be funny to stuff some H.E. firecrackers in it's mouth and duct tape it shut. That image will never leave me. It made me furious with rage and sad at the same time, and then it made me want to spend time with my dog.

What the fuck is wrong with us as a species that we maim and murder weaker beings for fun? If I ever saw someone doing something like that to any animal, regardless of whether it's cute or not, I'd beat them until my fists were raw and I couldn't lift my arms anymore.

What are some of the awesome pets you guys have/have had?

This is my buddy. His name's Tango.


I fucking love animals. I've had a lot of pets. I had a cat growing up as a kid, then it got cancer and died when I was 19 or 20. I'd had the thing since I was 5, so that was actually surprisingly tough. Then I found a stray little kitten about a month later in the pouring rain. Fucking thing fit into the palm of my hand easily. It was sick and covered in mucus so I put in the bathroom and ran hot water in the shower for an hour so the steam would help clear up its sinuses. Gave it some antibiotics from the Humane Society and it was as good as new. It was a really cool cat, totally out of control in all the right ways. Then it got hit by a car and I rushed it to the vet but it died that night.

I was devastated so I went 180 degrees in the other direction and got two pitbulls from a professional breeder. A blue male and a red female. Fucking beautiful dogs with incredible looks. But when I moved I had to get rid of them so I only had them for about 5 years. Naturally, that was devastating as well, so I went back to cats. I have two right now, and to be honest, I don't like their attitudes or the way they look at me. I think I'm going to get rid of them and get another pitbull, or maybe a Doberman or a Cain Corso.

I also have a pair of flying geckos and I used to have a green iguana, a real big fucker. But those things need their own goddamned room when they get toward full size, so I sold him to a friend. I used to have an albino ferret and I've had a couple pet rattlesnakes. One was fully grown, 4 feet, and I kept it locked up in a big 75 gallon fish tank. You haven't seen anything until you've seen one of these things take on a big fucking guinea pig!

I've also had exotic goldfish (ryukyus, black Moors and lionheads), about 200 cichlids, and a ball python that got out while staying at a friend's house while I was on vacation, ate her fucking pet rabbit and then "mysteriously" disappeared.

Oh yeah, I had big Boer goat once about two years ago. I got it for free when it was young to keep my yard clean, but I didn't realize that the males get up to 250 lbs, so I had it slaughtered when it was about 200 lbs and ate a shitload of goat meat for about six months. I tried to sell it on here, but I think everyone thought I was full of shit.

So that's my pet history.


I love animals too, especially wild ones you come across exploring; as a kid I could always be found looking for scorpions, snakes, lizards and cicadas etc.

Aside from quite a few wonderfully unique cats and dogs throughout my life I tried to keep anoles for a while when I was younger. Didn't work out too well. I was unwittingly poisoning them with crickets/spiders from our yard which was heavily fertilised and ended up watching them dessicate and die helplessly. Was quite traumatic and put me off keeping reptiles ever again despite my fascination for them. Obviously I only worked this out years later when I was thinking about it and kicking myself for not just buying mealworms from the pet store but, what's done is done.

People who purposefully hurt animals though like the one described in the Op, I have a very, very, special loathing of. I found a cat hanging from a tree in my early twenties and I was devastated someone would actually do such a thing.

Sometimes people are more animal than animals.


I always wanted geckos :smiley: Absolutely stunning creatures!


Oops, meant to post this pic with the above.


Animal cruelty is a pretty screwed up thing. Luckily I remember there being a lot of animal lovers on T-Nation. I've always had big dogs around me my whole life. My wife and I now have a German Shepherd who just had his first birthday a little while ago. I've got a great picture of him as a puppy using an empty tub of whey as a chew toy, I'll see if I can't find which computer/zip drive it's on.


Hope this picture works...


About as cute as he ever was...


I just can't understand animal cruelty, i mean why?

Awhile ago a group of teenagers put firecrackers in bread and feed it to a swan. It was awful and the paper had loads of pictures of it, happily though it survived. But what would make you do that?


Mental illness?


Hypocrisy FTW!


You have obviously never been within close proximity to a swan.

They are fucking dangerous.


When people say, "People in general are decent." I have never believed that. I feel humans by nature are pricks. Not all people, but there are so many pricks out there. those that think killing innocent animals is something honorable. All the pricks that kidnap little kids and you find the body buried somewhere. That my friend is not a "decent person" this happens on a daily basis. I have and will always despise humans.


Yeah, almost lost an eye to a swan once as a kid.

Still though, Mohammadun Rasulu Allah the phrophet says: "Angels have intellect but no spirit. Animals have spirit but no intellect. Humans have both. He who kills an animal without reason acts lower than the lowest creature."

Selamun Aleykum brethren!



Yes, I love animals too. They are tasty.


I understand animal cruelty. One time an old roommate of mine had let his girlfriend's dog stay at our house for a couple days while she was moving. I came home from work and the dog had shit all over the house and chewed up the end of my very expensive leather couch.

I beat the fucking tar out of that dog and enjoyed every second of it.


Baby seals and now a dog?

And I thought I was the fucking psycho freak...




Wow. So beautiful.

Forkknifespoon, your dog is just adorable. Awww. I just feel like petting him :slight_smile: