Animal Exercises/Quad Ped Movement

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had a good reference for some “animal exercises”. I looking to change up my conditioning routine and thougth these might be fun. I’m talking things like crab walks, bear crawl etc.

Jim D.

I like the donkey punch myself.

[quote]jtrinsey wrote:
I like the donkey punch myself.[/quote]

Thanks for the help (sarcasm dripping like motor oil)

seriously, if you don’t have anything contsructive or useful don’t waste the time

If you want something “FUN” to do as conditioning here’s what you do: 1.) Grab the heaviest pair of dumbells in the gym. 2.) Walk at a quick pace. 3.) Continue walking until you, a. drop the weight or b. puke and pass out. Repeat as needed. Not many things sound like more fun than that!

I enjoy a good farmer’s walk as well, but I am looking more for some outdoor field fun type of things. Pluss I like the added challenge of unusual ways of moving.

hope it helps.

looks cool man thanks