Animal Cuts?

hey… i just got some animal cuts with ephedra from a friend. He didn’t tell me much about them. He just had them lying around so i took them. i was wondering if anyone had an experiance with this product. Also it has 18 mg of ephedra per serving i was wondering what you guys might think on how safe that is to use. Any recomendation


I’ve never taken them, but I hope you at least have an idea of their composition. To take something and then ask if they are effective, or especially as you asked “safe” is not a practice I would endorse.

Last time I took something from a ‘friend’ without complete knowlege I was in college–

when my senses came back to me, I realized that I had just gone for a ‘little trip’

Good luck–I’m sure it’s nothing like that

By the way, that was 1980
Ah, the good old days

well when i saw the box they were in i read it and there was a shitload of info. from what i remember i know there is def 18 mg of ephedra per serving. I just don’t remember what the other things were. I am just really worried about how much ephedra is in there. i used to take hydroxy cut with ephedra with no problems but i don’t know how many mg’s were in there to compare. if anyone has any other info i’d apperciate it. thanks

18 mg of ephedra is nothing to worry about. That’s about2/3 or 3/4 of a white tablet that you can buy at the gas station.

What else is in it I don’t know, but the ephedra is minimal