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Animal Cuts Stacked with Xtend

Quick question, is there any reason that I shouldn’t stak Animal Cuts with Xtend. I am 5 foot 10 and weigh around 197. I am looking to cut about 10-15 pounds. I train 7 days a weeks with Wednesday and Sunday being strictly abs and cardio. I would like to cut the weight and retain as much muscle as possible. I am currently taking only protein and creatine. Any thoughts?

If you’re looking to cut, use the search engine to find articles about cutting weight and retention. Everything has probably already been discussed in another thread.

I am looking to cut but not necessarily on the “art of the cut.” I just want to see if anyone has used these two products together when cutting or if there is any reason why they shouldn’t be? Thanks

First of all, Xtend is simple a BCAA powder? So why would that be a problem to take with anything…you should be using BSAA anyways if you train with any kind of intensity. And Animal Cuts…its just the Universal Nutrition Fat burning product. (Which is overpriced BIG TIME for what you get) My Advice to you would be to look to your Nutrition and workout intensity to shed the Fat. Keep using the Xtend it will help preserve muscle tissue.

As far as a Stimulant Fat burner, only introduce one after you have exhausted all other routs such as calorie (and carb) restriction and Cardio. Then if you want to throw in a fat burner go for it. Try HOT-ROX Extreme from Biotest or put together the classic ECA stack.

By the way what is “the art of the cut” a movie or something? lol

They are unrelated. It is fine.

Agreed, tweak your program and nutrition, and then add in your supplements. They shouldn’t hinder your goals.