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Animal Barbell Club


I was just wondering why T-Nation doesn't have anything like Animal barbell club? Instead of everything turning into a pissing match why can't we be a community that actually supports one another in achieving our goals. These kind of things would be such an easy way to get people to put up or shut up. Personally, I welcome anyone living or passing through oregon to come do some kick ass lifting and have a barbecue.


It comes down to what types of people there are.

Some people love to help.

Some people are haters.

Haters gonna hate.

Plus don't forget about all the people posting anonymously (with no pics at all)


I'd say the powerlifting forum is more helpful and less trollish than the others.


I may not post that often, but I second that.


I could not agree more. This section of the site seems to be full of some of the most supportive people on here. Even some of the worst threads on this forum never turned as ugly as some of the ones that I have seen in the other forums.


Yeah the Powerlifting Forum is an island of sanity in the shit swimming in the other forums. It does have its occasional troll/expert handling out advice though. Remember when some guy said you shouldn't bench with thumbless grip because Mendy benches with a full grip and, see, he is the strongest bencher in the world. Ahhh the logic of some people is often...priceless!