Angus Beef

Hey does anybody know the difference between certified angus beef and the regular beef they sell at supermarkets?

Obviously it’s better quality since it’s more expensive, but is angus beef better for you in any way? Thanks.

I think its all just in taste and tenderness…it is very tender and tastes different, other than that I don’t think there is any difference, nutrition wise between angus and regular steak.


I’m pretty certain that since it’s 100% grain fed, it will contain a higher percentage of omega-3s than your standard corn-fed. This would definitely be a plus, as the ratio of omega-6/omega-3 would be much more respectable.

Angus is known for better quality of fat “marbling” on the carcass…thus the fat content is marbled or spider webbed throughout the meat…ie more intermuscular fat, which is what makes the meat more tender, juicier, and tastier. The meat will not be as lean, as lean meat is usually dryer and tougher and not as tasty. If the Angus is grass fed, this extra intermuscular fat will be of higher omega-3 content, but if the Angus is corn fed (usually the case), the extra fat will be in the form of saturated and/or omega-6. GRASS FED Angus rocks…corn fed Angus is like any other stock yard corn feed beef…Heb

If it’s grain fed then it has a poor Omega 6 to 3 ratio. Grass fed beef is the way to go! Go to

Word to Heb. I asked a butcher at my local supermarket and he told me the same thing regarding the marbling.

I grew up on a ranch where we raised grass fed registered Angus (4th generation tradition now)…so I’m biased.

Angus is just fatter- the fat inside the muscle tissue ensures this, and also makes the meat more tender (so desirable by the consumer).

I myself find no problems with chewing a bit more and going with the leaner (and often cheaper) “basic” beef. However, as already mentioned, if you can find it, and afford it, the grass-fed would give the best of all worlds.