AngryMonk’s relatively okay log

Looking to keep track of my training and nutrition to keep me accountable for some goals I set for myself. Weighed in at 315lbs the night of December 31st ‘23, I’d say I’m at least 100lbs heavier than I should be. Main goal is just to drop fat mass and be healthier. I’ve got 2 weddings to attend in August ‘24 and January’26 I’d like to look good for as well.

I’m 29 years old, train at home, own/operate a lawncare business in the warm months and work as a heavy equipment operator doing snow removal in the winter.

Set a challenge for myself to eat clean, train 4-5 days/week, hit 9k steps per day, read 6 books and not consume any alcohol from 1 Jan to 9 April 2024 (the first 100 days of the year) so far so good on that front, I’m down 10lbs since January 1st to 305lbs now.

Right now my training looks like this:
1 strength circuit per week
1 hypertrophy/accessory day per week
2 “manual labour” style workouts per week
And I just bought an airbike so once I get that set up I’ll add a 5th day of cardio/mobility work

Training for 14 Jan 2024:
Strength Circuit
A1 Zercher Squat 4x4 135lbs
A2 Dip 4x4 BW
A3 SGHP 4x4 135lbs
A4 RDL 4x4 135lbs
A5 BB Row 4x4 135lbs

Training for 16 Jan 2024 (Today):
A1 scap pullup 3x3 BW
A2 1/2 kneeling KB press 3x3/side 24kg
A3 split squat 3x10/side

B1 band lat pull-down 3x12
B2 push-up 3x12
B3 Boxer squat 3x10/side

C1 KB hammer curl 2x6 24kg
C2 Band facepull 2x15
C3 calf cramper 2x20

D1 Band push down 2x12
D2 band lateral 2x10
D3 standing calf raise 2x20
D4 wrist roller
D5 tibialis raise 2x20

Books: 20 pages “The way of men”, 2 pages “we make ghosts”, 40 pages “1 page marketing plan”

I also log my daily physical/nutritional/business activities in a journal of sorts that I write in every morning, that’s more of a plan for the day vs what I log here which will be what I actually accomplish for the day.


Training for 17 Jan 2024

Manual Labour, 12 rounds:
-Sandbag Suitcase Deadlift x 1/side 80lbs
-Zercher carry 135lbs
These are probably about 4 metres each time, I don’t have enough room to turn around with the bar so I unrack and walk backwards to the wall then walk forwards and re-rack.
-KB plank row/switched this to KB clean and press + waiter walk for the last two rounds, think I will keep that going forward.

Then did some forearm/grip stuff, wrist roller, levers, pro/supination, plate pinch, fat bar hold and band hand opens for 1-2 sets each.

Books: 20 pages the way of men, 20 pages 1 page marketing plan, 2 pages we make ghosts (this one is supposed to be 1 page per day for a year but I got it a bit late from Amazon so I’m on 2 per day until I catch up).

Feeling very good from training and eating better. Yesterday after I logged my training I sat on the couch and it felt like I was floating on a cloud, guess it was the dopamine from working out.

Probably should’ve mentioned more about food in the first post, right now I’m on 1555kcal, 187p, 123c, 35f, which I’m realizing now is probably too little food to be sustainable even though I am trying to lose a fair bit of weight. I do feel full and overall pretty good while eating that though, any input on this front would be appreciated!

Training for 18 Jan 2024

Manual Labour
12 rounds:

  • Deadlift x 2
    -KB Goblet carry 20 steps 24kg
    -KB suitcase carry 10 steps/side 24kg

Rounds 1-9 used 135lbs for the deads, rounds 10-12 used 185lbs for the deads + doubled the distance for all the carries

Forearm work (wrist roller, levers, pronation/supination, band hand opens) x 2 sets

Books: 20 pages “1 page marketing plan” + hashed out the first phase of my own business’s marketing plan, 20 pages “the way of men”, 2 pages “we make ghosts”

Picking up the airbike and some dumbells tomorrow before my night shift so we’ll start making use of those next week.

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22 Jan 2024

Airbike 10 mins

Little circuit of farmers walks, abs stuff and mobility

Airbike tabata

Got the airbike assembled and put to work today, very happy I picked it up.

Books: Finished “the way of men” over the weekend and I’m 40 pages into “becoming a barbarian”. Going to read 1 chapter of “1 page marketing plan” before bed, as well as the usual 2 pages per day of “we make ghosts” since my last post.

23 Jan 2024

Training for today:
Airbike as warmup
Strength circuit:
A1. Zercher squat
A2. Dip
A5. BB row
1x3, 1x4, 1x5 at 135lbs, 1x1 at 185lbs for all, except dips which were 4x5 at BW

Forearms/grip - levers, pronation/supination, wrist roller, band hand opens

Books - just 2 pages of “we make ghosts” today as I got called in to work overnight due to a snowstorm.

25 Jan 2024
Warmup airbike

A1 scap pullup 3x3
A2 DB z press 2x10 20lbs/hand, 1x6 50lbs/hand
A3 split squat 1x10 BW, 1x8 20lbs/hand, 1x6 50lbs/hand

B1 band lat pulldown 3x10
B2 DB floor press 3x10/side 50lbs
B3 Cossack squats x a few

Giant set of DB curls, DB front/lateral/rear delt raises, DB Hammer curls, French press, calves, and wrist roller, 1-2 sets each

Books: 2 pages “we make ghosts”, 1 chapter “1 page marketing plan” , 20 pages “becoming a barbarian.

I appreciate you sharing this book title. I’m now very excited about reading it. How are you enjoying it?

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It’s a great read for sure, actually just finished it today on my lunch break at work! The author wrote “The way of men” before “Becoming a Barbarian”, not necessary to read them in order but I’d definitely recommend that one too!

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Outstanding dude! I’ll look to pick them up.

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Happy to hear that man!

27 Jan 2024
Warmup airbike

Manual Labour:
Deadlift x 2 135lbs
Goblet carry 20 steps 24kg
Suitcase carry 10steps/side 24kg
Deadlift x 1 185lbs
Goblet carry + Suitcase carry same as above

Just did 10 rounds as I was a bit short on time before work. I actually feel like this style of training will benefit me a lot once the landscaping season starts back up again, it makes for pretty good “pre-season” training.

Books: 2 pages “we make ghosts” before training, will start “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” and “how to win friends and influence people” today at work, finished up “becoming a barbarian” and “the one page marketing plan” yesterday.

28 Jan 2024

Warmup airbike
Manual labour:

10 rounds:
-SB suitcase deadlift x 1/side 80lbs
-BB Zercher carry 6 steps back/6 steps forward 135lbs
-2 DB overhead carry (1st 5 rounds) KB clean and press to overhead walk (last 5 rounds)

Books: Usual 2 pages “we make ghosts”, will read more of my current books at work today.

30 Jan 2024

Airbike “Engine builder”

5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 minutes on the bike, 1 minute rest between efforts. This was quite hard I’ll be doing it a lot more frequently. Total 37 mins and 220kcal

Cool down static stretch

Books: usual 2 pages “we make ghosts” I’m all caught up with that one now though so it’ll be 1 page per day going forward. Finished “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” before my workout and it was a very good read as well.

31 Jan 2024

Warmup airbike 5 mins

Manual Labour:
-2 Zercher squat 135lbs
-1 KB clean and press into waiter walk, 20 steps per side 24kg
-Farmers walk 20 steps 50lbs per hand
-Airbike 60 seconds

Books: 1 page “we make ghosts”, started reading “can’t hurt me” by Dave Goggins as well.

1 Feb 2024

Did some PNF stretches as a warm up, need to get a little pvc pipe so I can do them properly.

DB pullover 1x10 20lbs
DB Z press 1x20 20lbs/hand
Band pull-down 1x20
Split squat 1x15/leg

A1 Dip 2x8
A2 BB Row 2x8 135lbs
A3 DB reverse lunge 2x8/leg 20lbs/hand

Band hamstring curl 1x15/side
Band TKE 1x10/side
DB curl, DB hammer curl, calf raise, tibialis raise, calf cramper, DB French press, band pushdown, DB front raise, DB lateral, DB rear delt fly - 1 set each to near-failure.

Basically just a bunch of accessory stuff today, all of my other workouts during the week will be focused on the airbike and the manual labour stuff to help get me ready for the landscaping season.

Books: 1 page “we make ghosts” and chapter 3 “can’t hurt me”

It says I started at 315lbs bodyweight on Jan 1 earlier in my log, turns out I’m just an idiot and misread the scale lol I actually started at 295lbs and am down to 275lbs as of Feb 1, so a pretty good start but still a ways to go!


2 Feb 2024

Meant to do another airbike “engine builder” this morning but overslept my alarm (have to wake up at 4am if I want enough time to train before I head to work, taking some getting used to) I’ll do that workout tomorrow morning but figured I’d update the log with a bit more detailed nutrition plan in case anyone has any input.

Morning coffee
Fairlife skim milk and swerve
1C 1P 8kcal

Homemade Breakfast Burrito
(Ground beef, scrambled eggs, beans, salsa, cheddar, tortilla)
44C 16F 23P 412kcal

Breaded chicken breast + franks, cucumber and bell pepper
16C 12F 19P 261kcal

Rainbow trout, 4 pieces bacon, green beans
7C 20F 39P 343kcal

Protein shakes/snacks eaten either as part of my meals or other times during the day depending on my work schedule:

3 scoops whey
10g collagen
1 scoop metamucil
1 scoop greens powder
Half pint homemade protein ice cream

28C 7F 127P 691kcal

96g Carbs
55g Fat
209g Protein

3 Feb 2024

Airbike engine builder
37 minutes on the bike

Books: Usual 1 page of “we make ghosts”, and still reading “can’t hurt me”

Reading your posts this morning. I’m no expert but if you can dump the whey and switch to the M.D. I would do that. Really helps with my hunger. The whey seemed to go right through me.

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@cnowak I appreciate you taking the time to read through man! I agree with you MD is pretty sweet, I’ve used it a fair bit in the past. Unfortunately I’m up in Canada so once you factor in shipping + import fees it gets a bit out of my price range. I’m hoping Biotest adds their stuff to the Amazon Canada site sometime soon haha

My nutrition suggestions would be to trade the breaded chicken, franks and bacon for non-processed, lean proteins. You’ll get more bang for your caloric buck that way!