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Angry Rhomboid Major


I have had a constant knot and some discomfort in what I beleive to be my rhomboid major. My girlfreind can feel the knot ad when she rubs it it moves a bit and allows me to feel it aroudn almost like a popping.. Then the pain subsides for a few hours but later on its back and sore as ever. Been going on three weeks. Would rather avoid going to doc since he will jsut perscribe muclse relaxers. Any tips!


Okay, this idea will sound kind of stupid, so keep an open mind. I've had the same problem before, with a knot in my upper back that refuses to relax for a few days. Take a tennis ball or something similar and place it under your back while laying on the floor, then move your body until the ball is directly under the knot. Then move yourself around, massaging the sore spot until it feels a bit better.

It worked like a charm for me, and I have my dog to thank for it. I was always amused by the way the big mutt would roll around on her favorite ball, with four legs thrashing in the air. Give it a try, it's cheap and you've got nothing to lose, except maybe a little dignity if anyone sees you in the act. Good luck!


Or you could dump you girlfriend. She may be a pain in the neck. Ha ha!


Excellent advice. You can also put two tennisballs in a sock so you can massage both sides of the spine at the same time.


I have found that a foam rollar is great not only for the back but for all muscle


I'm no good in geometry. I don't know the difference between a rhomboid and a rectangle.

Wished I could be more help.


Kdpartee's "tennis ball roll" sounds like a good idea, and I'll use it the next time I have a similar problem. However, if that doesn't work, you might see a chiropractor--preferably an ART practitioner--before you see a doctor. I always give the chiropractor first shot at any structural problem. (Ancient powerlifters encounter LOTSA structural problems.) It's usually something he can fix. If so,it will cost about a tenth of the time/money/grief that a doctor would've cost me. If it's not something a chiropractor can fix, I can always see an orthopedic surgeon, as a very last resort.


Lie on your side in a straight line on the floor. Prop yourself up on your elbow and bend your back sideways. You may have to move around some to find the spot where it feels like it is stretching that spot in your back. I did it for about 20 seconds on one side and 20 on the other side. Whatever knot it was stretching sure felt good.


Stop doing behind the neck presses and pulls! At least that's what made my pain go away.