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Angry Ravens Fan


I was pissed they lost too, but this is hilarious.


I'm glad he didn't start knifing people.




Why wasn't anybody giving him shit for being such a whine ass?


Because mainstream sports are a perfectly reasonable thing to express dissent over


LMAO! Classic high school band kid who gets overly pissed about professional sports he never played competitively. Hilarious.



Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond...


Im glad no one video taped me during the niners game!! haha


Hahaha, I used to live about 1/2 a mile from Milwall.

F'n footballers...


Tell me about it! =/


LOL!, too bad, I wanted the niners to win.

In regards to the Ravens fan vid, get used to it tubby.


He's just pissed because he lost his life savings to his bookie.


I literally started crying, Quickly removing them before anyone saw. Thankfully I wasnt a fat mess yelling every which way at my homies.... but I promise you I didnt speak a word for 2 days
Partially cause my voice was gone and more so because my heart was broken.
I wanted Roockie coach Jim Harbaugh to win the superbowl for my number one team since i can remember.


I wanted the Ravens to win simply because I wanted a rematch from 2000. I was confident my G men would take out the niners...