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Angry Mob Confronts Al Franken on Health Care


Not an angry mob really but probably one of the more civil discussions on the subject I've seen yet. No yelling, taunts or people being shouted down, no wonder its not on the news.


I like when the woman asked him if he thought the government would be able to afford this health care plan considering our current economy and spending. Franken says,
"well that's a great question, I don't know but that's something we need to figure out." Gee Al, you think maybe we should figure that out before pushing through this massive health care reform?

I also don't trust him since he used Switzerland as an example of why universal health care is so great. Comparing Switzerland with a population of 7 million to the US with 300 million+ is either retarded or intentionally misleading. I don't think we have enough in common with Switzerland, population aside, to even bring up some dumb shit like that.


In my perfect fantasy world his reply would've been greeted with about 10 seconds of stunned silence across the entire nation. As if, no matter the distance, every citizen had heard this exchange. Not a protestor shouting, no birds chirping, no babies crying, no horns honking, nothing.

Every head across the country turned in the direction of Franken's geographical location. Jaws would collectively drop. And, after the 10th second, all around this country from sea to shining sea, the silence would be shattered with a thunderous "W...T...F?!"


Hey, why not?

There are no health care programs in Switzerland, only mandatory insurance and a pool that re compensates those companies that took on cases with preexisting conditions.

That would work better than what the US has today.


I could only make it half way through before wanting to put my head through a wall due to the amount of bs coming out of his mouth. I like the way he conducted himself, but the "facts" he was giving were the same bs we have been hearing from obama.


The sad thing is that he knows more about what is going on in the bill than most of Congress. I may be retarded or overlooking something but wouldn't it be easier if we just passed smaller clear cut bills instead of making them 100000 pages long? Something comes up that wasn't covered and you amend it with another short bill. I guess it makes them feel smarter to try and come up with every what if situation and then tack on some completely unrelated reform to the bill.


what were the facts that were bs? Try backing your statements up.


And putting "quotation marks" around certain "words" doesnt give your "position" any more "credence."


That's a great statement, Erik. That's something we're really going to have to work on around here. You can agree with me, can't you? Well, maybe not. But ultimately we want the same things. Ahh. Ahh. I know we can't keep going the way we are going. Ahh. McCowen, Texas is bad. Switzerland is good. Ahh. Don't you agree? We really are on the same page here, aren't we? I mean really, ahh, Minnesota does stuff right.






I love how Franken openly admits that their is fraud and waste in Medicare(government program).

But on the flip side of the coin, he is basically saying "This bill is going to be successful because we are going to get it right this time". It is ridiculous.

It's like walking back to Al's used car lot to buy another car after the car he sold you the day before broke down on the first drive home.

"Your last car was a lemon, but this car over here will run another 100,000 miles! TRUST ME!"


I'm sorry, I didn't realize that just about EVERY SINGLE THREAD that has been on this forum the past few months doesn't already explain some of the common misconceptions that he is talking about.


One must also bring facts to bear when retoring someone else statements, unless thay have nothing to offer. How are we going to pay for "this"?


What pisses me off is that, if I were in the position to handle the Healthcare situation, I would address all the fraud first. I mean, if the Obama administration is going to say there is THAT much fraud, then that is the dragon to be slain first. Once that is addressed, and the illegal population is unaccounted for, then I would look at what remains. They really have no idea on how bad the situation is, Biden already admitted that they underestimated how bad the economy was, do we want another bad assumption?

These guys are need a scalpel instead of a chainsaw.


because swiss companies like Hoffmann La Roche and Novartis are completely and utterly reliant on the US not having a Universal Health Care plan. If swiss pharmaceuticals go down the tiolet, so does there entire system unless they start subsidizing that as well.

whats the definition of insanity again? Oh yeah trying government program after government program always thinking this time it will be different, this time it will work.


The Swiss do not have a universal health care system either, Everything is private, only insurance is mandatory.


they more or less do. they have 3 insurance companies. Every person is given a health care voucher from the government and told they must choose one of the three companies. So the governement funds through taxes all of the "private" companies.

And it is absolutely true in that the swiss system in particular relies on the US not having universal health care or some other derivative of it. They are actually pretty open about.