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Angled Feet During Leg Extensions


hi CT, i was reading one of your articles a while back (sorry cant remember the exact article) and you mentioned pointing your toes out during leg extensions… any negatives to doing it this way? i have heard things like you can tear your MCL so just wondering if this was a concern.



Have that actually happened to anyone in the history of training or is it just a theory. Because in 20 years of coaching I’ve never seen it or heard about it. I’m sure that some injuries occurred, but so do they on basically any exercise known to man. … and the “toes out” cue is only an imagine, you are rotating at the hips not ankle joint.


okay thanks CT, will give it a try!


gave it a try today and found it difficult to rotate out due to the bar that holds my ankles in place is limited in length, however felt a little more natural

do you think the same principle applies to hamstring curls to rotate out or just keep the legs straight?


You don’t rotate during the exercise. You set up in a rotated position but keep the same during the whole set


okay, thanks. no i am not rotating during the exercise it is just difficult to set up in the equipment