Angle of Torso During Full Back Squat

I have seen that most full back squats are started out as in the picture attached: back straight, chest up, head up, torso tilted relative to the ground.

If I try to keep my torso perpendicular to the ground at the bottom of the full squat, I can lift a lot less wait (about half of traditional full squat). I mean there is a lot more pressure on my legs (the hips especially) to innitiate the movement. Its hard to start raising up, but after I get up to about parallel, the weight just feels light.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it safe? Is it reccomended?


I’m not really sure I understand your question, but I’ll give it a shot. Generally speaking, your torso position is going to be determined by your leg stance. Sumo lifters, people who squat with a wide stance, can get away with keeping a more vertical or perpendicular to the ground position with their torso. But based on that photo, people who squat more narrow have to have a bit more forward lean in their torso position, and that’s just to keep their center of gravity over the middle of their feet or their heels.

If you’re doing a back squat, with a narrow stance, then do it the proper way with some forward torso lean and use the appropriate muscles during the lift. If you want to keep your torso more vertical, why don’t you just do front squats??