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I was in concilliation court a couple of weeks ago and before the first case was called out the judge gave his introduction speech. In his speech he told everybody that each case should go into the hallway in an attempt to reach an agreement before standing before him. Then he told everyone that no violence during these talks would be tolerated. Fine by me, court is no place to lose your temper because it usually doesn’t score brownie points with the judge. What he said next completely blew me away. “Anger is a crime.” Anger is a crime? Anger preceding an act of violence perhaps, but according to this judge an act of violence wasn’t even neccesary to get yourself into hot water. What is this society coming to when we can’t feel one of our most primitive reactions to certain situations when warranted. I’m all for order in the court, but when merely being angry is considered a crime give me a fucking break. Maybe the judge who appeared to be a man really sits down when he takes a piss. Any comments?

Hi Sig. Wow, that must have been a shocker. Poking somebody in the nose might be a crime under certain conditions, but getting angry certainly isn’t. Most people are afraid of emotional displays of any kind, especially an expression of anger or contention. The judge may just not be comfortable with his own latent anger and hostility, which is a very common thing, so he can’t or won’t tolerate it from others (classic example of projection). However, this isn’t a point of law, and the judge ought to keep that in mind before he shoots his mouth off again.

There is almost no place left in Western culture where anger has an appropriate or accepted expression, except at sporting events and such which is the wrong place for it. Too bad, because a healthy anger can be a force to motivate and create change when it is well expressed. Getting angry at the right moment might even save your life sometime.

If you're still pissed off enough, and you don't have to go before this judge again, write a letter to the Bar Association and/or the court commissioner.

I think that T.C. said it all in his latest Atomic dog article.

I can easily agree that the judge misspoke, but only to the same degree that you did, too, when you stated that “court is no place to lose your temper because it usually doesn’t score brownie points with the judge.” More correctly, since you asked our opinions, there is NO place where it’s okay to lose your temper, and that simple ethic has nothing to with who’s scoring brownie points for what advantage. It is simply based on the premise that it’s just wrong. So there were misstatements on both sides.

Having said that, what is this, a Doctor Laura forum now?

As someone in the legal profession for the last 13 years here’s my take on it for whatever it’s worth. 1. The judge was a fucking idiot 2. Most judges are fucking idiots as the mechanism which puts them on the bench is political in nature and driven by a large law firm getting rid of a ‘weak sister’ partner (That’s right, fuck up to move up prevails) 3. Most judges are a pure product of the education system that pertains to their chosen discipline and have virtually no past ‘real world’ experiences to draw upon. They have lived in ‘book land’ since first grade and more likely than not, got their asses kicked on a regular basis at the local school yard. There you have it, an insiders guide to everything you wanted to know about the judicial system but were afraid to ask (Probably because you already knew the answer, ie., judges are by and large fucking idiots). Jack

I bet you $1000 that this judge was brought up in one of those “don’t make waves” house holds.

There’s nothing wrong with being pissed, loosing your temper, or flying off the handle. In most cases, though, making the jump from anger to physical violence is out of line. But anger a crime? If this guy is the best our legal system has to offer, I’m getting scared over here. It even sort of makes me a little…dare I say…angry!

Sweet Jesus…


Akicita, losing your temper and showing anger are not the same thing. When called for I will show plenty of anger but I NEVER lose my temper. As far as my statement of “scoring brownie points with the judge”, it was a joke.

Hey guys, I say we slip the judge tons of juice, sit back, and call the cops when “Your Honor” throws the book (literally) at a defendant… Hows that for shootin yourself in the foot? He, he…