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anger rising

 When someone makes noise eating an apple or a cob of corn, I swear to god, I just want to get up, snap his head off, and retreat to what I was doing.

 Anybody else like this? Why are we like this? Everybody I know is the same way. 

 F.ex., right now my brother is eating a goddamn cob of corn, and he has no idea how lucky hell be if he makes it till tomorrow with his head intact.

 I figure it's some kind of instinct to drive people away from eating my food - some kind of survival mechanism that makes you want to kick the person's ass, saving some food for you?

 I dunno, just wondering - that noise seriously drives my blood pressure up.

Dude I couldn’t agree more. Slop gulp crunch munch…PUNCH IN THE FUCKING HEAD!!! Same when motherfuckers don’t know how to drive. Trust me it takes alot to make me mad but those two things do it instanteously. Like when ass-hats merge…slowly on to the highway. Listen shit for brains that’s not how you are supose to fucking drive. Please kill yourself. Thanks have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Diesel, ArcaneCocaine: Same thing here.

Question of respect too, IMHO. When you give it to others, you expect it from others.

Apparently, there’s always suckers who live in their (sealed) bubble and don’t care about others ? WHAT CAN YOU DO TO THESE TURDS? ANY TECHNIQUE WITH RESULTS WOULD MOST APPRECIATED.

Im the past I tried to challenge them, but either:
A) they stop only for that occasion (never learn or change)
B) they’re so sealed up (dense, no-responsibility) that I receive the usual crap of:

Fuck you!
It’s a free country. I can do what I want.
Who asked you?
And why should I?
I like it that way. Fuck you very much!
(and/or combinations).

Never their fault, eh? In short, they never learn. And one get’s enraged and has to unwind from his anger instead of correcting the source.

Since we can’t hit them back and that laws prevent us from talking to them in the only way that seems to work (the hard way), what can you do that works (short of leaving, and even there you’re still the loser)?

Justice could be nice - you give me shit, I’ll give you the consequences right now so eventually you will learn respect the only way your hard cased brain can be opened - the hard way. Dream on.

I am not violence prone, but other than hard knocks, what works with these fuckers?

Same thing with BRATS. They’re even worse, the start making even more noise or bad behavior, since they know they hit a nerve and parents/law protect them…?

Reminds me of this guy in high school that would literally eat with his mouth open. He sounded like someone stirring 5lbs of extremely wet potato salad violently, coupled with ravenous doggy-style ass spanking. One day I was fed up and asked him “Where the hell did you learn to eat?” to much laughter from the rest of the class. I never heard the smacking again.

Maybe I’m just some sort of pompous manners nazi, but I could no longer deal with this every morning.

If I ever go to jail, it will be because of acting out in rage against people like this. Or for stalking the Olsen twins. :slight_smile: I hate listening to other people eat, and therefore, not only do I try to control the sounds coming from my mouth, but I try not to eat around other people in total silence (i.e. I turn on the TV or something like that).

One pet peeve of mine is when people bite down on the their spoon or fork with their teeth. I can count the number of times my teeth have hit a utensil on one hand.

I get so goddamn pissed off when I drive because shitheads nowadays are so friggin lazy that they don’t even use their blinkers. Theres so many other things that piss me off on the road.

Alot of people should have their liscense’s revoked. :slight_smile:

my personal pet peeve is people that leave their shopping carts in the middle of the frilling parking lot. two days ago i found a cart against my truck so i threw it into the median several spaces away, cussin up a storm. i swear to god if i ever find a scratch on my vehicle i will throw it through the frillin store window!

Pitt: Send us a pic in the forum when you do it! LOL (I hope for you it never happens, though).

I just moved from a college town where the dumb ass college kids would take the damn carts home, if they lived within walking distance. What a bunch of lazy fucks. Get a good delt/trap workout and carry your plastic bags home, you pussies.

Yeah, I hate that when I see someone chewing with their mouth open. If I wanted to see the food you are eating, I’d look at your plate. If I wanted to hear it, I’d make it talk dammit. Some food items have no choice but to be loud i.e. Tostitos and salsa, Doritos, etc. But still, make an attempt to be subtle about eating them.

I got cutoff driving last night. Damn Grey-Hairs on the road can’t turn their necks to SEE MY FUCKING CAR RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Speaking of which, I was riding with my Great Grandmother one time, she was driving, and she just mosies on into the next lane. “I got a crick in my neck, they’ll move for me”
Holy shit I swear I had a turtlehead pokin out.

My anger has been rising lately…you may be able to tell by my posts. I can’t stand it! the fuckin’ old drivers to the crazy teen drivers to the uncontrollable kids in public to THE GODDAMN BIRDS SINGING ON TOP OF MY HOUSE ALL WEEKEND WAKING ME UP, TO ALL THE FAT BASTARDS EVERYWHERE I GO JUST STUFFING THEIR FACES GETTING FATTER TO THE MOTHER FUCKING SMOKERS KILLING ME SLOWLY W/ THEIR PAPER DICKS, TO THE IMFMSDWIJJFAWP…

I had a room mate who claimed he had a medical condition that interfered with his “pressure control”.

Basically when he was eating and he went to cut his food he would try to cut right through the plate. When he stabbed food with his fork it was as though he was trying to kill it himself, his whole plate would jump.

Yet somehow he was able to work as a carpenter. . . Dumb Fuck.


Sturat you should have said to that shithead that you had the same problem then punched him in the face! “You had something on your upper lip dude don’t worry I got it…sorry about knocking your teeth out asswipe!” Brahaahahah. Ciao. :slight_smile:

I think all you guys need a few donuts. Hey, we just got Krispy Kremes here in pa, and now all is good.
Seriously, I was once angry like this, but I got over it. seems like I ran out of places to hide the bodies.