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Angels Ripped !!!


holy cats did ya just see the angels get frickn ripped !!!!?????


I'm sick to my stomach at the moment...thank you for this forum

FUCK!!!!!! I cant believe that CALL

Oh man and you know whats worse that piece of shit A.J. made a heads up play.
I cant stand A.J. he had the never to openly celebrate on the majestic grounds of Fenway Park. (I know this will sound weird but I am an Angels fan that respects the Red Sox I actually watched the series at Sonny McLeans "Red Sox Nation West" awesome place for any New England sports fan.)



That home plate ump is on the WSox' payroll. Scioscia should have kicked him in the nuts when he went out to argue.


your bitching and complaining, no matter how just it is can't deny the White Sox of winning that game. What's sad to think is that if they go ahead and beat the angels in less than 7 games, that call could still live on as being the defining moment of their season, when in fact it should be that amazing record they started out with.


"That home plate ump is on the WSox' payroll. Scioscia should have kicked him in the nuts when he went out to argue."

It's gay ass statements like that that make it so difficult to talk sports with anyone.


The umps are claiming they have a replay that shows the ball change directions going into his mitt.

They usually have highspeed / super slow motion cameras aimed at home plate that hitters can use to review their at bats.

If it hit the dirt I am sure we will see it today. If it was a bad call, so be it, it is part of the game.

The catchers body language and glove position made it look like it bounced, but the regular view looked like he caught it.


I watched it and as an ump myself, the whole damn thing looked strange.

  1. Did the ball hit the dirt?

Depends on whose reply camera you saw. Nothing on Fox looked conclusive, after the game I switched over to ESPN and they had a different angle. It looked like it may have hit dirt first, and bounced less than an inch into his glove. Really hard to see though

The problem is as a plate ump, you have the worst angle in the park to view that play. Third base ump had the best view of any official, and the Angels should have asked for an appeal to him immediately. The plate ump couldn't see jack because the catccer is blocking him out.

  1. Did the plate ump give the proper mechanics to signal the situation?


Mechanics are something all umps are taught to focus on, almost more than knowing the rules. Simply put, if you look like you know what you're doing, they'll think you know what you're doing.

His mechanics on it were sloppy, he stuck his right arm straight out, which he does to signal thrid strike, but didn't hammer it like he usually does. Then he brings his arm back in front for a strike call. Made no sense.

Have to also lay some blame on the catcher though as well. If he had any idea that the catch was not clean, he should simply thrown down to first, tag the bag, we got the third out.

Going to be interesting to see how the ump crew handles it the rest of the series.


agreed the game was tied and you play
on from there. but you know what ? it's not like catches in the dirt don't happen like every frickn day so wtf's with the ump freezing like that and losing control of the game ? now they're just backpeddlin' their way out of it. weak.

on the bright side, however, now i have some emotion invested and want to see the angels win for real. and usually i have to put money up to really enjoy watching a series w/ anyone else !


Hahaha...and it's sensitive statements like yours that make you sound more like La Checca than Il Cazzo.


just another typical example of the east coast (anti-west coast) bias.

we're pretty used to it out here (ie. college football, hoops) but it's usually more subtle.


what's east about chicago ??


well, i think you are trying to say la chica but that's spanish. Anyway, yes, the ump is on their payroll. I don't even like baseball, just thought your comment was ultrafag.


i hear you, but that's what they call it. some really good PAC-10 hoop squads never got much love because most sportswriters just don't watch games that tip at 10:30 ET.

Southern Cal laying only 12 pts at south bend this saturday is similarly ridiculous.


It is on the western shore of Lake Michigan.


Well, try not to think too hard; you might give that small brain of yours a hernia. La Chica wasn't what I meant and wasn't what I said, but it would be pointless to explain it to you. I will say you've done a good job living up to your chosen handle -- that is, if you even know what it means...

But what the heck...

Ok, I take back what I said. Scioscia should have kicked all four of the umps in the nuts! Happy now?