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Aneta Florczyk: Genetic Freak?


For those who don't know

OK... so... does she have freaky genetics? (185 ~push press @ 155, 300 Bench Press @ 155 , 595 DL @ 155, and she's a WOMAN)... does she take steroids? (impressive regardless of whether or not she uses roids)... does she have an extra pair of adrenals secreting some weird kind of anabolic-non-androgenic hormone?
No, I'm not asking in order to say "oh, it's the roids/adrenals, not her, doing the lifting". The weights are truly impressive...and I want to get a 550 DL and 300 BP... sometime in the next 5 or so years...
I'm asking wondering how can a woman get so strong...really, if a woman can do that, it means most men should be able to get to at least 600 on the DL if they really wanted to. (unless she has that extra pair of adrenals...or uses roids)

(and she also looks like a woman, not some long-haired man or hippo, so, even more impressive)


Fucking awesome. And she's very pretty.

I She sure trains, has trained very hard to get to that level.


It's most likly genetics, this is why it's rare and not many woman are as strong as her. Her hormones are probably very well balanced and probably produces more testosterone than normal for a woman.

I would just be curious to see what her levels would be. She's only 155lbs and IF she is on roids she would be much bigger than 155lbs and cut.

I am off to the gym to work on my dead lift and bench because she has me looking REAL bad right about now.


Dammmnnn she is awesome! I'm in love :slightly_smiling:


That's strong... frying pan rolling is impressive; I watched bill kazmeir do that with a frying pan 3 weeks ago. He held the handle with one hand and used the other hand to roll it into a perfect spiral. He also bent a bolt in half...


Any woman who can bench press 300 is many standard deviations above average genetically. I'm not passing judgment of any kind on her training habits.


Look at this broad... I went to school with a girl almost exactly like this, very pretty in the face and a ridiculously lean and muscular body type that still somehow managed to look ultra feminine. That girl did gymnastics not power lifting though so uh not as extreme but uncanny still. Genetic freak? Yes.


Does anyone here think a man of 5'6 could not reach a 300lb bench press at 155lbs bodyweight with many years of training? Or even a 550lb dead? (Also bearing in mind that she may have a lighter skeleton compared to a man of the same size)

Testosterone isn't everything. There are many reasons why women like this are a rarity, and all of those reasons are far more plausible than "she has abnormal testosterone" or "she's on steroids" or even "it's all genetics".


...yeah...she's not one.


I wouldn't say it is all genetics... But take your pick of nearly any other woman in the planet and train her all you want and give her all the steroids you want and she is not going to be able to do what this broad can.


You really believe that?


People under-estimate how much of a role genetics play in the real outliers (goes for anything, not just athletics).

I would imagine she's got some abnormalities, though nothing as outlandish as extra adrenals (DHEA's a shitty androgen anyway).


The thing about frying pans is that it's easier than it looks. I've done it once but didn't get it rolled up as tightly as she did.
I think it looks impressive because many of us think of cast iron or some such frying pan...but she seemed to be using aluminum ones. Still great, I don't want to sound like a jerk, but just that you could likely do it too.


uh...what? give a woman all the steroids you want and she won't be able to do what this girl can? i guess you've never seen any of the massive female bodybuilders that would put this girl (and most men) to shame?

stupid statement


I really do.


Massive female bodybuilders are genetic freaks too -_-"

Great statement yourself there Einstein.

Your saying I'm wrong so what your saying is you WOULD be able to take nearly any woman in the world and turn them into this? What women inhabit the planet you live in Einstein?

And for what it is worth I'm sure you don't have to even leave this forum to see what the average results are for women on steroids... You seem to be grossly over estimating the power of steroids(especially on females). Those freaks you see on the stage would be freaks with or without them. That is why they are genetic freaks. And the fact that this particular woman can be so strong and still look feminine is the most telling feature of her freaky genetic profile.


There is no shortage of women that are lifting more than this woman is, some of them even lifting more at lower bodyweights.

If your answer to that is to just say "genetic freak!!" any time anyone achieves anything remarkable or elite, then your attitude sucks.


Are you retarded? Anybody who builds an above average amount of muscle is a genetic freak? Is this something you've convinced yourself of to make you feel better about your own lack of progress? Have you ever heard of hard work? I never said that giving a woman steroids will make her huge, just like it won't do that for a man. But you're retarded if you think that a lot of women, if they eat right, lift heavy, and use steroids, couldn't reach this girl's level.

"But take your pick of nearly any other woman in the planet and train her all you want and give her all the steroids you want and she is not going to be able to do what this broad can." That's stupid.


Am I the retard in this argument?... LOL! How can you allow yourself to come off so arrogant when you are obviously so fucking stupid? If I am at least I can fucking read because its obvious you can't. It goes from "massive female bodybuilders" to "above average amount of muscle" and from "nearly any other woman" to just "a lot of women" lol at this douche bag. You gave up on your own argument there Einstein, just stop.

So let me write this for you again maybe this time put on your reading glasses. Then after you read it remember not to change the entire quote in your head before you reply.

"take your pick of nearly any other woman in the planet and train her all you want and give her all the steroids you want and she is not going to be able to do what this broad can."

And hey Einstein, before you try again that's not the same as,

"You can't take a lot of women in this planet and train them all you want and give them all the steroids you want and have them build an above average amount of muscle."

"Lack of progress" by the way? Your talking to the guy who doesn't even have to work out to stay stronger and leaner than 99% of the people in your gym. Have I ever heard of hard work? Nah everything was given to me at birth - sue me.


wait...you make it clear that you're not a bodybuilder (as if anybody would be confused looking at your pictures) so I don't see how you can claim to have any knowledge of what it takes to get big and strong. Just because this girl, and many other women, are much bigger and stronger than you, they aren't necessarily "genetic freaks." You're not even making points now, you're just dropping F bombs and nitpicking at what I said. Your argument has no basis...there are PLENTY of women who blow this chick out of the water in terms of size and strength. What evidence do you have that these women are all "genetic freaks?" Better yet, what evidence do you have that if the average woman ate a high protein diet, with a caloric surplus, lifted progressively heavier weights, and used artificial hormones to aid in recovery and growth, that she couldn't lift sub-record weights?