Anecdotal Cycle

-This isnt a cycle I plan on doing.

-This is a cycle someone I know recommended to one of my good friend

-I know (or at least think) this cycle is flawed for so many reasons, but than again im not an expert and havent researched so much about long cycles

-My friend is at his 3rd cycle

-The guy recommending the cycle would also happen to be the one selling the gear so obviously there is a $ component there, but lets not think about this

I would appreciate if some of the knowledgeable people on this site point out the flaws (all of them if possible) of such a cycle.

here goes what he recommended (to me this looks like a national level competitor cycle but lol…)

1-28 0.3cc test E EOD (262,5mg/week)
1-20 1cc EQ eod (875mg/week)
1-6 100mg anavar ED (700mg/week)
6-20 1cc Npp EOD (350mg/week)
20-24 1cc tren ace EOD (350mg/week)
24-28 1.5cc tren ace EOD (525mg/week)

There was some HCG recommended on week 8,16,24,30 @ 5000ui split in 4 doses for each of these week

PCT was just normal nolva

I kinda want to test my knowledge a bit with this too so here is why I think this cycle sucked, feel free to correct me

  1. Cycle is way too long for someone who doesnt plan on staying on year long
  2. Cycle has way too many stuff in there for someone only in his 3rd cycle, he will trash his receptors ?
  3. The anavar “kickstart” is plain useless for such a long cycle
  4. The test is too low compared to the EQ
  5. NPP is usually used in short cycles ?
  6. Pinning test E and EQ eod is useless. (he told me it would make blood level more stables… lol)
  7. I get the logic for the Tren increase im guessing he’s waiting for the EQ to clear out… but I dont get the point of just throwing it at the end of the cycle, I think its recommended to end the tren before the test ?
  8. The test/tren ratio is weird

I’d appreciate if the knowledgeable guys (you know who you are) could post what they think.

If you’re not one of these guys, please dont just throw around what you think is right or wrong without really being sure…

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

In response to your points:

  1. I would agree
  2. Trash his receptors? No. More complicated than it needs to be, Yes.
  3. An oral kickstart when using long esters is not a bad idea, 100mgs of anavar daily = $$$$, and he could get away with much less. Prefer dbol and anadrol myself, more bang for the buck
  4. Some people run low test cycles with higher doses of tren, eq, etc… Not necessarily wrong.
  5. NPP is short acting so it is ideal for someone running a short cycle, but it’s not wrong to use it in a longer cycle if you don’t mind the additional shots compared to deconate.
  6. EOD for enanthate and eq is not necessary, every 3rd or 4th day is fine. If you really hate pinning you could go every 5th, not ideal though.
  7. I don’t have an answer to throwing in tren the last four weeks of a 28 week cycle, or why he would do a 28 week cycle in the first place unless he was a competitive BB.
  8. Nothing wrong with running higher tren and lower test. Many claim it cuts down on tren sides, night sweats, insomnia etc… if you are prone to that. I am.

Cycle is all fucked up anyway in so many ways.

Tell him to keep it simple, test + either tren or NPP (or eq if longer cycle), and thrown in an oral kickstart for the first 4 weeks. It doesn’t ever really need to be more complicated than that for a recreational user.

Is the test meant to be 262.5 mg per week?

Looks like a replacement dose of test throughout if so and a 20 week EQ cycle with an anavar front-load. Nothing wrong with this cycle as lomg as AI is used, apart from it’s length which will make recovery more difficult. Dosage at about a gram a week is on the higher end of moderate, but for some reason, and this is where I believe the flaws are, he’s started to include short acting AAS at week 6. This itself isn’t hideous it just complicates things. I would have just suggested using prop only the last four weeks, but thats me. I personally wouldn’t do that cycle.

I’ll have a go at answering these questions anyway for fun.

  1. Yes, two 12 week better designed cycles would be better.

  2. Multiple compounds will only complicate matters. I believe (but I’m not sure) NPP and tren ace can convert into progesterone so aren’t ideal for use at the end of a long cycle which will be difficult to recover from anyway. This cycle will de sensitize his androgen receptors I think.

  3. kickstart can be helpful, but not for 6 weeks, the EQ will kick in slowly and the test a bit quicker, so the kickstart may only be necessary for the first 2 weeks or so, if you insist on a kickstart that is.

  4. a replacement dose of test is all thats needed.

  5. I believe so

  6. the more frequent the injections the more stable the blood levels

  7. yes, end the tren before the test

  8. 525mg tren a week is on the higher side, few people can tolerate high tren and high test, so to mitigate the trens side effects it’s either high test low tren, or low test high tren, you have the latter here.

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