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Andy Warhol


Let's discuss Andy Warhol. Any opinions are welcome. Love him? Hate him? Was he a genius? What do you think of his art?


Drella, is the spiritual ancestor of the 'famous for doing nothing, but knowing who to know' celebrity...

Best thing he/she/it ever did was collect the VU, and support them early on.


There's a discussion about him on another thread around here...


I used be friends with a guy that wrote a book about Andy Warhol. He knew him and had some very interesting stories from those times - apparently the guy was a bit of a freak show upon occasion. I also dated an older woman when I was in my early 20's who was peripherally on that scene as well when she was younger. Sounded like a fun party!

I'm no art expert, but from what I gather, he was fairly influential. I really don't have very strong opinions about art one way or the other. If someone can sell a painting for a million bucks, I say more power to them! (but I'm not buying it)


While I do not 'hate' Drella, I look at him as less than a footnote in world culture, even of the more base sort that he wallowed in...

Drella seems to be the hero of people whom want to get 'rich and famous' for 'doing little', and or people whom live vicariously through others actual xp in things they could never for whatever reasons...

The vicarious living aspect of Drella, I think remains his strongest selling point, in a sense he was doing the same. He bred more, and more progressively weaker spawn like him...

People just hanging out, to hang out 'in the right room' to 'in the right room adjacent to the aforementioned room' to the 'in the right hall way adjacent to the two aforementioned rooms' to 'in the right apt. on the same floor as said hallway and rooms' ad nauseam...


I like Roy Lichenstein more than Warhol, his stuff is more light hearted than Warhol was; and I can appreciate that.


If I'm remembering that thread correctly it was a discussion on a quote he made, and not really about the man himself or his work.


Dunno enough about his career to know if this was the best thing about it, but it was a great thing for music.


I took a lot of art history in college but none as contemporary as warhol.

I know he was a big deal for some stuff that doesn't seem at first to make much sense but there was actually a significant amount of craft and traditional formal composition in a lot of his stuff.

He basically blew the doors open for modern art as far as Im concerned. And its not necessarily his fault that a lot of stuff that has followed is junk. Not all of it, but some people are really trading off this 'cult of personality' thing that warhol had going for him on top of his other talents.

I know at my school there was an entire class dedicated to him and anyone who took it said it was mindblowing. Wish I did, but I never had the chance. I was too busy with my major that was supposed to be practical.