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Andy Rooney's remark

I just read on the ABC news site that Andy Rooney is under fire for saying that women reporters have no business being on the sidelines of a football game. http://abcnews.go.com/ sections/sports/DailyNews/ ESPNFeature3.html

Although I have found female sideline reporters to be competent, I too have wondered if they really were the absolute best for the job. America has gotten so PC that it seems they make extra effort to include women at every facet of a sport. I have no problems when someone like Mary Carrillo announces a men’s tennis match because she is among the best, regardless of gender. But is Melissa Stark the best sideline reporter they could get? What about credibility? Wouldn’t a former football player make a more credible reporter? She is certainly more pleasant to look at than Eric Dickerson, though.

It seems to me that Andy just said out loud what a lot of guys think subconsciously.

Personally I think the networks do it to appear a lil more PC, and possibly hope more guys will tune in, to see these somewhat attractive women, fully clothed. I don’t buy it. The sideline commentators never bring anything to the table, Eric Dickerson, Melissa Starks none of them bring any ounce of entertainment or information to the table. Kick 'em all out.

They should have the hot ones wearing bikinis, then I don’t think anyone would mind.

Hey, you may have something here! Dennis Miller didn’t show any cleavage and was bumped off of Monday Night Football!

I think this country would run a lot smoother and better if jobs were always given to the most qualified. Pretty much common sense. Not sexist. This of course flies in the face of affirmitive action. The area that troubles me though is religion. The PC Liberals are getting so paranoind about “God” that we might as well be secular commies. Which reminds me: I saw Donahue fighting with some southern Baptist on his show-Donahue said it was an “outrage” and “unfair” for the God of the Bible to demand that humans openly accept Christ as their Lord and Savior in order to enter heaven. I’m suprised he didn’t miracuously (sp?) combust then and there! God have mercy on our sick and perverted country. And on Donahue. (That qualifies for a rant, right? Sorry.)

He said outloud what I say outlound - they do not belong. If you want to watch pretty woman there are plenty of places to do that. You don’t see guys doing tampon commercials, why would you have women commenting on football.

Say these things on national TV and get mercilessly attacked with “sexist evil bigot! Daneroud!” etc. I’m tellin ya man PS is causing serious injury to this country.

Daneroud!..S*** that was a SERIOUS typo. I meant “dangerous”. I need to slow down. lol.

They’ve got so many reasons to put women on sidelines. They get more male viewers watching the girl (not listening), they get more women watching because it gives them someone to relate to, and, as a subset of women, more lesbians will watch as well. I still think if they’re going to bow to sex, do it right, and slut them up a little.

Soon they’ll be hiring virgin sex therapists, and Football coaches that never actually played.