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Andy Murray's Diet & Training



20 inch arms. cough.


LOL, 20 inches?

I think that 6.5% bodyfat is stretch, too... Anyway, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


20 inch biceps? Where?


By that reckoning, I have 20inch biceps too. Woop


"Murray built up his body with gruelling workouts and Bikram YOGA"



Ha ha that is a truley shocking article, really piss poor reporting the guys 10-12% body fat with probably 14 inch arms!


I jsut don't beleive in a teetotal Scot who isn't a recovering alcoholic...

P.S. I'm Scottish so I can say that.


I think you were at the drink when you wrote that. Or is your spelling just piss poor?

PS you do make a valid point however!


I have to admit, those plank pushup things are impressive


Planche Pushups, they are awesome. I was out of a gym for awhile so I learned them, and what is crazy about them is how involved the core is. The only bad thing is that they stimulate the front delts more than the chest(and you can tell from the pic that Murray's chest is..lagging lol)

But lol, why someone would look at his physique and then say "man, what's that guys secret?" is beyond me.


maybe they mean if you added both his arms together.


Amazing reporting. It was good for a laugh.


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