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Andy Bolton-Squat vs. DL Stance


I'm wondering why he squats wide but deadlifts using a conventional stance. i thought keeping both using the same stance would help the other. Does anyone know more about this? cos i box squat wide but i want to keep do conventional dl but people tell me i should keep both the same stance.


Because it works for him.

Experiment for yourself and watch out for experts.


I agree, it also probably helps him get the most out of his gear, whatever his reasoning, its working for him.


i squat wide and pull really narrow mostly to get the most out of the way im built


sumo deadlifting is a little rough for guys with long legs.... it makes it really hard to get the hips close enough to the bar to pull big.....

despite his appearance in pictures Andy is a pretty tall guy.... he just looks shorter because he is so freaking wide.....


When you pull and squat the bottom position is different. When you deadlift, your thighs are not breaking parallel. The mechanical advantages vary with depth. Don't make the mistake of assuming that your squat and deadlift stance will be identical, necessarily.



I know a lifter who squats narrow and pulls sumo, its what works for the individual


you do the stances that help you lift the most.
it varies from person to person.


They're completely different lifts..


99% of these "WHY DOES LIFTER X DO THIS?" questions are answered by, "Because they are stronger/get stronger that way." There isn't some secret conspiracy among top lifters.


Did THEY make you say that?

You can't hide this stuff from us forever!


Troof. Where were you in the Konsti bench thread?


I am a wide stance squatter, and pull conventional with a narrow stance. whatever works best for you is the key.


He's also a multiply lifter, meaning a wide squat stance. Gear isn't as influencial on the deadlift.


He's Andy Bolton, Nuff sed.


Do division lifters use a narrow stance?


division lifters?


It's a math joke dude.