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Andy Bolton NOTLD 964 Raw Deadlift


couldn't find full results, anyone found them?


That was loud


About halfway down the page.


Also, watch this video of the event....and don't miss Eric's announcement at the end!!!



Did they white-light that lift? Cause his hips don't look locked out there.


No, he raised his arms because he got reds. Doesn't everyone do that? /sarcasm

I thought his hips were fine. Knees didn't look locked to me though. Insane lift either way.



how did stormthebeach do? he was training for that meet.




Stolen rightly so from his log, bwahaha


Yea, I sucked.


Wow ultimate powerlifting series? That's awesome and prize money to boot. That totally changes the sport if there's stuff like this with legit prize money.


Damn, sorry to hear about the hamstring. I hope it heals quickly. How much weight did you drop for the weigh-in (dehydrating)?


Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. Eric is really trying hard to elevate powerlifting's profile. I'm only concerned that the IPF lifters will not be able to qualify. Although he may consider that as he did with RAW and ensure no suspended lifters are eligible.


I cut salt our 2 days before, that got me to 236. The home made bathroom sauna got me to 229. I drank about 2 gallons of 50/50 water and gatorade before I went to bed and it only got me back up to 240 the next morning. I drank 2 more before the meet and didnt have to pee until 10minutes before I had to start warming up. I shouldnt have dehydrated. The whole meet would have ended a lot differently, I think.


Wow, that's really exciting. I'm interested to see how this will play out.


I was at the meet too, not competing, just watching. I also got to hang out with Andy Bolton all day Monday. In my opinion he did not lock out the 964, and Andy didnt think he got it either, it looked really easy for him till the end of lockout though. However, he did just pull 979 raw two weeks ago. He said he doesn't like to go above 950 twice in a year, but he has already done it 3 times in the past few months.

Eisman and Orlando Greene were the two guys who impressed me the most. Eisman hit mid to high 700's I believe, at a bodyweight of 180 at 52 years old. Orlando green deadlifted 814 at 220lbs with the worst deadlift form I've seen since diesel weasel...


wait...that 979 was raw?


Thats what Andy said. He may have mispoken, but he definitely said it was raw.


Amazing to think he didn't pull all that much more with gear on. Just goes to show how legit his deadlift is


Amazing to think he didn't pull all that much more with gear on. Just goes to show how legit his deadlift is