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Andy Bolton Deadlift Q & A


Ask me anything you like about the deadlift and I will do my best to help you out.

Andy B



A two-part question, if you don't mind.
a. Are you a proponent of doing speed deads?
b. If so, do you feel it is better to do them on a separate day or at the end of a regular dead training session?


a yes i always do speed deadlifts ,this way its less chance you will overtrain.
b i do them in a normal session sometimes at start sometimes at end.


Hi Andy.

What do you feel are the most important assistance lifts for the deadlift?



Andy, can you give us a sense of what your DL volume looks like for a typical off-season traiing session?


The most important part of the deadlift is to deadlift and deadlift with good form.


Off season its around 12 sets ,you can follow my training log here



Over the years I've seen two theories on deadlift training - Train the deadlift directly by deadlifting and the Westside approach of using special exercises to increase the deadlift (i.e. instead of deadlifting do goodmornings, box squats and throw in deadlifts occasionally).

What approach have you used to be so successful?


How long till you take a shot at getting your world record back?
Night of the living dead?


Hey andy brilliant to have you on the site been a fan for a while now and hope you gett the record back by bullfarm!!

My question is I'm pretty strong and fast off the floor but find it diffcult to thrust my hips forward fast enough, what would be your best recommendation for improving this?


Just want to say congrats on the Atomgripz comp victory, Andy!


Ok i can only say what has worked for me over the years and that is to work the deadlift with dedlift,everything else for me is assistance work.


Lol i have been asked this question quite a few times now,and i will be competing at bullfarm meet on october 8th and will be going for a big total,then to notld 2 weeks after to defend my title,then early next year we will give it a good run and see if i can get that record back.


There are no easy ways to increase this,it takes lots and lots of hard word and doing it again and again and again ,practice practice practice and also add some glute work with loaded barbell laying on floor.

Also take a look at my deadlift ebook


Thanks it was a nice change doing something different,but my arm were so so sore next day lol


When deadlifting I have been told to keep my eyes on the ceiling through the lift to involve the legs more instead of the back. Do you think this is proper form ? I see you keep your head neutral in the video.


How close to your dl max do you train and how often? If you do notice strength going down, do you alternate to a different dl variation or make any changes in volume and intensity? How often do you test a max if ever?


Hi Andy,

  1. What are the main cues you use to keep pressure on the glutes and hamstrings and not the back?

  2. What do you think is the optimal frequency to deadlift for a sprinter/non powerlifter?

Many thanks!


How does your squat training coincide with your deadlift training? Do you make changes to a dead session depending on how squats are going or vice versa or do you treat both as independent lifts?


Hi Andy. Great to have you on here.

1) Do you have any tips through getting past a sticking point on the deadlift?

2) Do you have any tips for setting up for the sumo deadlift (without a suit)

3) How do you cue tightness in the glutes and hams before the lift.

All the best I'm hoping to make it to your gym in Leeds sometime next month :slight_smile: