Andy, Barnie, Goober...say it ain't so!

Anyone catch the Andy Griffith reunion show on TV last night?

I used to watch that show as a little kid, and thought it was great. It was always a “feel good” kind of show that usually ended with a moral that you could relate to.

And, unlike today, no violence, no murders, no sexual inuendos, just good old fashioned family entertainment.

They showed clips of a bunch of classic episodes that really brought back the memories of when I first watched them.

But what got to me was looking at Andy, Barnie, Gomer, Goober, as they are today. Damn! Hunched over, wrinkled, frail - hell Don Knotts seemed so unresponsive…

I mean, the cycle of life dictates that we all come into this world as infants and progress through life until we’re old and frail and then…we die.

But it stirs something inside of me to see the change that seems so dramatic when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. It’s almost like, “What’s up with this, God? I didn’t ask to be brought here, but now I’m really kinda diggin’ it, and now I deteriorate, gradually lose my faculties, and then die? What’s up with that?”

I understand it’s life, but what the hell is up with a life expectancy of seventy-some years when this earth has been around a few billion?

sitting on the edge of Mike Mann’s bed and tussling his hair
It’s okay kiddo…it’s the circle of life.

Ah, I feel better now. Thanks, Merlin.

Hey, wait! I don’t have any hair! And get the hell off my bed!


Hopefully, that “get the hell off my bed” remark wasn’t interpreted as a homophobic or “gay bashing”

(I’m teasin’ ya, Rumbach!)


Nip it!!! Nip it in the bud!!!

Merlin, O&A + Norton fan bro?

On the other hand, we have Jack LaLanne.

glass is always half full Patricia

Proverbs 10:27
The fear of the LORD adds length to life, but the years of the wicked are cut short.



It’s funny how the reality of mortality visits each of us.

But of course!

…I prefer threads of nature much more than the “gay” or “war” or “racist” topics. This is much better!

I completely agree man. As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to write God a strongly worded letter letting him know just how little I appreciate this “75 year” life expectancy business.

That’s “if” you wake up. You guys know that we increase our chances of living longer than lazy fatties by taking care of ourselves, but we die when our time’s up, and it’s not up to us.

In faith,


Barney Fife RULES.

“Give 'em the Big Freeze”!!!

Actually, life expectancy is due to what MAN has done to the world, not God. Methusela, something like 900 years old. Moses was into 200 years. Abraham didn’t even have a child until his 70s.

Biblically, the “full measure of years” for human life is 120 years.

“Actually, life expectancy is due to what MAN has done to the world, not God.”

Great, so now I’m paying the price for the acts of all men before me…

“Biblically, the “full measure of years” for human life is 120 years.”

Still not good enough. Give me a few hundred years on this earth! :slight_smile:

Seriously, we see the cycle of life every day and become completely accustomed to it, as we should.

Pets start out as cute little bundles of fir, grow up and hopefully enrich our lives, grow old and then die.

Babies grow into toddlers, then children, then teens, young adults, adults, and then they’re feeble, creaking, weak, and slow.

Seeds sprout into plants which eventually produce buds that soon open into colorful flowers, which, after a time, began to wilt, lose their radiance, and die.

It just seems from my perspective that the cycle is too damn fast! :slight_smile:

One thing is for sure. It’s a great inspiration to explore ideas of a higher power (God, Allah, whatever that means to you) eternal life, oneness, immortality, etc. And I’m not promoting any particular belief and not trying to turn this thread into a religious discussion, but it’s still food for thought…

BTW: the oldest living man has just passed away.

And wasn’t he something like 112?

Here’s to Mayberry…

My dog, that I had for many years just passed away. In addition to this my Mother has been in the hospital, as she suffered a stroke and has kidney disease.

I too have been contemplating this very subject.

This poem seems about right for this thread.

"When life as opening buds is sweet, and golden hopes the fancy greet,
and youth prepares his joys to meet–Alas! how hard it is to die!

When just is seized some valued prize, and duties press, and tender ties
forbid the soul from earth to rise–
How awful then it is to die!

When, one by one those ties are torn,
and friend from friend is snatched forlorn and man is left alone to mourn–
Ah then, how easy "tis to die!

When faith is firm, and conscience clear
And words of peace the spirit cheer
And visioned glories half appear–
'Tis joy, 'tis triumph then to die.

When trembling limbs refuse their weight
And films, slow gathering, dim the sight
And clouds obscure the mental light–
'Tis nature’s precious boon to die".

Latitia Barbauld