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Andrsol / Nandrosol Results

It has been two weeks since I have been on Androsol. I have gained at least 4 lbs. of lean muscle over this period. I was just curious to see how other people’s experiences were and if they went for longer than a two week cycle. Thanks!

I used androsol for 4 week with a high calorie diet(4000) and gained 16 pounds and kept 12 of it at 4 weeks after use, based on pre and post body caliper reading it was about 9lbs of muscle and 3lbs of fat, then of course I got sick(first goddam time in 10 years) and lost 15 lbs. currently looking at a possible 4 week finasol cycle, tee hee!!!

I have just finished a 4 week cycle of androsol and gained 12 pounds. Eat your protein.

I have been on it for 1 week and have not noticed any results yet, but I heard you starting noticing on the 2 week the most.

Gained 3 pounds my first cycle of Androsol, but was on more of a fat loss diet than a mass diet. Second time I got my act together, ate right, and gained 7 pounds. I use Tribex between cycles. Will try Nandrosol next. The thing I liked about Androsol was that I could eat a mass diet and not gain much if any fat. If I eat like that when “off” I gain fat and muscle 50/50.